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Americans Unable To Call 911 Following Mobile Network Crash

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By Kristin Myers on February 22, 2024 at 9:25 AM EST
Updated on February 22, 2024 at 9:29 AM EST

Law enforcement officials have confirmed that Americans were unable to dial 911 and reach emergency services as a result of a mobile network crash that affected several service providers.

At this time, individuals living throughout the United States took to social media platforms such as Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) to reveal that they have been unable to call or text 911.

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Individuals Unable To Call Or Text 911 Throughout The U.S.

Beverly Hills Police

Several police departments have taken to X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, to address the outages affecting the nation. The Flagler County Sheriff's Office in Florida tweeted: "AT&T is experiencing an outage. Subscribers are unable to call or text 911."

It has been reported that the outage started around 4 AM ET; however, cities such as New York City, Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, Dallas, and even Honolulu have all reported outages in their respective time zones.

According to the Down Detector website, more than 31,000 AT&T users reported disruptions to their service as of 4:30 AM ET.

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There were also 800 service disruptions reported for Verizon, while fewer T-Mobile users were unable to call 911. It is believed that smaller mobile network carriers, like Boost Mobile and Consumer Cellular, have also faced a service disruption.

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Some Users Complain Their iPhone Is Stuck In 'SOS Mode'

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It looks like the issue has not only hindered the ability to dial 911. Several iPhone users took to Twitter on Thursday morning to complain that they have been unable to use their iPhones. They have shared screenshots saying that their phones have been "stuck" in "SOS mode" since they woke up.

It looks like the iPhones that have been affected by the outage are primarily from AT&T. One person tweeted, "I’m in a different state, I need my GPS to navigate to work and the airport, and #ATT got my fight for my life" while another added, "@ATT our phones are in SOS mode. we do not have service. You all need to wake up and fix this."

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Another netizen questioned the cause of the service disruption, asking, "AT&T cellular service down. Downdetector reporting numerous cell services with issues. Is this a massive cyber attack on the cellular infrastructure? Was there a solar flare or satellite malfunction? The issue appears to be nationwide, if not international."

At this time, it is unclear what has caused the outages. A spokesperson for AT&T told Mirror.com, "Some of our customers are experiencing wireless service interruptions this morning. We are working urgently to restore service to them. We encourage the use of Wi-Fi calling until service is restored.”

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A spokesperson for Verizon added, "Verizon's network is operating normally. Some customers experienced issues this morning when calling or texting with customers served by another carrier. We are continuing to monitor the situation."

At this time, it is unclear when service will be fully restored.

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