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Game Show 'The Price Is Right' Facing A Jury Trail In Class Action Lawsuit

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By Afouda Bamidele on February 22, 2024 at 9:00 AM EST

The popular game show "The Price Is Right" is famous for having contestants guess the prices of items to win cash and other prizes.

Showrunners recently received a class action complaint from their workers, claiming the production has violated several labor codes. Their grievances included failure to pay wages and overworking team members without adequate rest and compensation.

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Showrunners Of 'The Price Is Right' Are Accused Of Having Poor Working Conditions

In legal documents obtained by The Blast, Wallaine Sarao filed the lawsuit for herself and other workers in similar situations at the Superior Court of California County.

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She dropped ten severe complaints against Fremantle Television production company, Entertainment Partners Enterprise, and The Price Is Right Productions, Inc.

As stated, the class action lawsuit accused the game show's production heads of violating several labor codes. The complaints claimed the parties had failed to pay their wages, including minimum and overtime wages.

The failure to timely create accurate itemized wage statements, maintain accurate records, and timely pay wages during employment violated labor code sections 226(a), 210, and 204 per the document. Excluding the withheld salaries, showrunners were also accused of terrible working conditions.

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Sarao noted the production companies failed to provide their workers with meal and rest periods. They allegedly did not reimburse business expenses or pay sick leave, and they also violated business and professional codes.

It is unclear what the defendant is asking for in damages; however, she demanded a jury trial. The class action complaint against "The Price Is Right" production heads comes at the heels of the game show's installment in Chicago.

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A Version Of 'The Price is Right' Will Start In Chicago Next Month

Chicago fans of "The Price is Right" will soon have the opportunity to experience a live version of the show in March. NBC Chicago shared the exciting news, revealing the interactive TV program titled "The Price Is Right - Live Stage Show" will make a splash at the Chicago Theater.

The new show will give audience members "the chance to play the world's longest-running game show live on stage!" Like the famous program's setting, contestants will be selected from the crowd and given a chance to win fabulous prizes like appliances, vacations, and even new cars.

The contestants will play classic games from the hit TV show, including Cliffhanger and the Big Wheel. The Chicago version will be hosted by "The Price is Right" star Todd Newton and two performances are scheduled for March 2, with tickets starting at $45.

Chicago fans were implored to join the upcoming event, with the show's description promising gifts for lucky audience members. The statement read: "And don't worry if you're not picked because everyone in the audience is still in for a shot at some prizes, with random names being drawn out of the hat throughout the show."

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The newest installment, "The Price is Right," continues to be the longest-running game show on TV. The premise requires contestants to bid as close to the actual retail price of the merchandise without going over, giving them a chance to win cash and selected prizes.

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