Paulina Porizkova at movie premiere

Paulina Porizkova Sparks Controversy As Instagram Allegedly Removes Intimate Photo With Boyfriend

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By Alisan Duran on February 21, 2024 at 7:15 PM EST

Renowned model and activist Paulina Porizkova has found herself at the center of a social media storm after a photo featuring her boyfriend, Jeff Greenstein, cupping her chest was allegedly removed by Instagram.

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Calling Out Instagram

Porizkova, 58, took to the platform to express her frustration and disbelief at the removal of the intimate image which she had shared with her 1.1 million followers. In her post, Porizkova accused Instagram of deleting her content unfairly, suggesting that the platform's policies were inconsistent and discriminatory.

The photo in question, originally posted by Porizkova, captured a tender moment between her and Greenstein, with his hand gently resting on her bare chest. While Porizkova viewed the image as a celebration of love and intimacy, Instagram's alleged removal of the photo ignited a debate about censorship and the boundaries of acceptable content on social media.

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'Social Taboo'

Porizkova did not hold back in her criticism of Instagram, calling out the platform for what she perceived as a double standard in its enforcement of community guidelines.

"IG pulled my photo in which my boyfriend's hand cups my breast. In a way, it perfectly illustrates my point about sex and the older woman being a social taboo," the model wrote in the caption of the post, along with a picture of her wearing nothing but black panties and sheer stockings under a furry coat.

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Leaving Little To The Imagination

In a subsequent post, absent her partner, Porizkova obscured her bare bust with a black square, a symbolic gesture perhaps highlighting her frustration with the perceived censorship of intimacy on the social media platform.

"So here's another one to illustrate my point. And here’s my point again," she continued her message. "Did you know that Anne Bancroft, who played the dangerous older woman seductress Mrs Robinson in The Graduate was 38? And the young man she seduces, Dustin Hofmann, was 30?"

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Porizkova added, "Being desirable is having power. The power of consent. You have what everyone wants, and it is in your power to dispense it to whom you want. The desirability factor of men and women is at the opposite sides of the age spectrum. A woman looses power with age - and the man gains it."

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Getting Candid

Paulina Porizkova at movie premiere

"A photo of a young woman displaying her body may seem like an attention getter, but in the order of things - natural," Porizkova noted. "A photo of an older woman displaying her body is unnatural, a desperate plea for attention where she will only look sad and pathetic."

The Czechoslovakian beauty added, "Humans are one of the few species who have sex recreationally. Most of the time when we have sex, it’s for pleasure. (From what I see- the people who seem to take the most pleasure in sex are young men and older women.) So why is it that a sexy photo of a girl who doesn’t know much about sex is preferable to that of a mature woman who knows all about it?"

Porizkova then ended her rant with this statement: "It is the most obvious indication of our patriarchal world in which women have mostly been valued as breeding stock."

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Fans Show Their Support

The incident prompted an outpouring of support for Porizkova from her followers, many of whom echoed her concerns about censorship and expressed solidarity with her cause.

"I remember when I first saw a photo of you and thought you were literally THE most beautiful model of them all. I'm 57 now...and still do!!" one person commented, while another expressed, "IG can be ridiculous. Sometimes I swear you are so beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful!!"

A third commenter added, "Thought I was going crazy! I was typing a message and it wouldn't post? Loved the 1st pic you posted crazy it was removed!! Had no clue the ages of Anne and Dustin I have watched that movie several times!"

Upon checking, it appears that Instagram has reinstated Porizkova's photo featuring her boyfriend, signaling a potential resolution to the controversy surrounding its removal.

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