'Home Alone' Star Accused Of 'Strangling' His Girlfriend During Violent Attack

‘Home Alone’ Star Devin Ratray Avoids Jail With Domestic Violence Plea Deal

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By Afouda Bamidele on February 21, 2024 at 2:53 PM EST

'Home Alone' star Devin Ratray's domestic violence case is finally closed after three years of back and forth in the courtroom, and he has pleaded guilty.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the "Home Alone" actor has been ordered to undergo a drug and alcohol test and also complete a Batterers Intervention Program.

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Devin Ratray Will Not Be Going To Jail

The actor who is famous for his role as 'Buzz McCallister' in the "Home Alone" franchise finally pled guilty to two counts of domestic violence on Wednesday, in a deal that will help him stay out of jail.

The documents showed that Ratray was placed on probation for the next three years by the judge following his guilty plea.

The 47-year-old, who attended his final hearing and sentence on video with his attorney, will also cover court costs and was ordered to maintain zero contact with the victim.

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'Home Alone' Actor Devin Ratray Hospitalized: 'In Critical Condition'
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Ratray initially pleaded not guilty to the accusations in February 2022 and was also hospitalized in January, with his lawyer claiming he was in a "critical condition," leading to drawbacks and delays in the case.

Ratray was arrested following allegations of pushing, punching, and pressing his hands against his ex-partner's throat and mouth during a drunk, violent confrontation in December 2021.

He was then registered for felony domestic assault, battery by strangulation, misdemeanor domestic assault, and battery but was later set free on a $25k bond.

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Details On Devin Ratray's Hospitalization 

The actor's defense attorney, Scott Adams, announced in January that he was admitted for heart issues in the intensive care unit.

District Judge Kathryn Savage then delayed the jury selection in the case, which was initially scheduled to commence later that month, and set a new date for February.

Details from a police report obtained by The Blast revealed that Ratray's ex-girlfriend admitted to biting his hand in an attempt to free her mouth after he placed it over hers during a heated argument and shouted, "This is how you die."

She continued that she escaped his rage by hiding in a stairwell after things got out of control on their trip to Oklahoma City for an event in 2021, which Ratray only attended because he needed the money.

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‘Home Alone’ Star Accused Of ‘Strangling’ His Girlfriend During Violent Attack

In her interview, the woman claimed that Ratray was reluctant to attend the event as he did not "want to be known for something he did 30 years ago." She added that:

"It was (a) point of contention for him his whole life, and it's something that I dealt with a lot when we were dating and that's why he'd never done these cons before because he didn't want to promote that he was in 'Home Alone.'"

His ex-partner continued that Ratray was unhappy at the event as it reminded him of "Buzz," a character people will not let go of.

An affidavit confirmed that the star had indeed been consuming a bottle of wine, drinking heavily, and taking several shots of alcohol at the Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse. He also had ten shots of alcohol at the Coyote Ugly Saloon.

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However, things still seemed to be going well until his ex-partner gave out his autograph to two women at the bar for free, causing the actor to go off on her.

The argument continued from the bar to their hotel room, after which the woman claimed Ratray physically attacked her, leading them to part ways for the night and sleep in separate rooms.

The woman continued that she filed a police report the following day and had an unpleasant event through the night as she thought she was going to die in the hotel room.

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