Veronika Rajek taking a selfie.

Veronika Rajek Shares Droolworthy Bikini Photos Dedicated To Her 'Haters'

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By Alisan Duran on February 21, 2024 at 12:00 PM EST

Veronika Rajek returns to Instagram with another round of stunning shots!

Once more, the devoted fan of Tom Brady has captivated her audience with her striking swimwear photos. The Slovakian model exuded elegance in a sleek black two-piece swimsuit, revealing her enviable curves and impeccably toned muscles glistening under the sun.

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Veronika Rajek Stuns in Tiny Bikini, Flaunting Ripped Abs And Natural Cleavage

In a series of breathtaking photos, the 28-year-old model leaves fans in awe as she showcases her toned stomach and endless legs in a tiny bikini. With her natural cleavage on display, she highlights her amazing figure, captivating viewers with her effortless beauty.

Striking poses from a secluded beach enclave, Rajek gracefully strolls along golden sands, confidently displaying her cleavage and teasing with glimpses of underboob in her minuscule top. Completing her look with a pair of glamorous sunglasses, she adds a touch of allure to her post.

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Calling Out Her 'Haters'

"Haters will say it’s a photoshop, lovers of plus size girls will say where is your a-- b---h? Delusionals will say she is wearing Ignite bikini because she is Dan’s [Bilzerian] hoe, and women will say oh let's see how she will look after child labor," Rajek wrote in the caption. "In the past I felt terrible so many times just because somebody tried to drag me down. I promised myself, that no one ever will make me feel the same way again. I will never give ammo to shoot me down. I will always will feel like a Queen of the Wonderland / my body."

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Sharing Her 'Diary Thoughts' To The World

"If someone says that visual look is not important, that is a lie. Not lying to us but to thyself. The way we look and how we take care of our body is really important. In fact, our body is the only house where our soul resides and lives without being able to move till it dies," Rajek continued, then ended her lengthy message by writing, "Diary thoughts part 1."

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Veronika Rajek Rocks A Tiny Bikini On A Mexican Beach

It is important to note that Rajek's popularity soared after she made a splash appearing at a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game sporting Brady's jersey.

The influencer model openly declared her affection for the quarterback at the time, sparking rumors of a potential romance with the NFL star following his retirement and divorce from Gisele Bundchen. Despite speculation, that union has yet to materialize, much to the disappointment of many fans.

Nevertheless, Rajek persists in sharing posts flaunting her physique, continuing to enchant her loyal followers with each publication.

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Getting Candid About Racy Picture-Shaming

When confronted about online shaming, Rajek candidly labeled her critics as hypocrites, pointing out their contradiction in praising body positivity while targeting her. Despite enduring continuous online harassment, she appears to be handling it with resilience and grace.

"People are pretending to be open-minded but they are not," Rajek told The Sun. "They are talking about body positivity but they are not body positive. I am a young woman, I have my style, and a lot of people say to me 'You are not classy', but what is not classy about me? I love my style, I love my fashion. My body is young, I take care of my body, I work out, I eat healthy, I want to show it. It's my personality. I'm not sorry because this is who I am."

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