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GoFundMe Addresses Calls To Halt Donald Trump Fundraiser Launched To Pay $355M Fine

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By Favour Adegoke on February 19, 2024 at 6:58 PM EST
Updated on February 19, 2024 at 8:02 PM EST

GoFundMe has an answer for those who have asked if Donald Trump's fundraiser on their site goes against their policy.

The page has so far raised over $500k since being launched to help the billionaire mogul pay off the $355 million fine from his New York fraud trial.

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GoFundMe Says The 'Fundraiser Is Currently Within Our Terms Of Service'

Supporters Believe That Donald Trump's March 4 Trial Date Is 'Election Interference'

In the aftermath of Trump being slammed with a whopping $355 million fine for fraudulently inflating his assets in financial documents by a New York court, MAGA supporters started raising funds via  GoFundMe to offset the fine for the billionaire mogul.

The page, launched by Elena Cardone, the wife of real estate mogul Grant Cardone, has since raised over $500,000 and counting. However, several individuals took to social media to call out GoFundMe, saying that the fundraiser violates their policy. Some even put up screenshots of the company's terms of service in a bid to draw their attention to their complaints.

In response to the callouts, Jalen Drummond, the director of public affairs at the company, told Newsweek, "This fundraiser is currently within our terms of service."

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This means that the fundraiser would be allowed to continue, allowing more MAGA supporters to pool their funds for the embattled billionaire and business mogul.

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Expert Claims The Donald Trump GoFundMe Won't Cover The Interest On The Fine

Donald Trump arrives at Miami International Airport for his arraignment.

Despite how impressive the fundraiser has been, an expert tagged it a futile effort, saying it won't even pay off the interest on the fine.

"It's notable that it has raised less than $0.5m in three days. That won't even cover the interest he owes," University of Surrey American politics lecturer Dr Mark Shanahan told the news outlet in an interview.

He added, "While any decision on whether he has to pay up could well be held up in the appeals process is Trump's lawyers can find sufficient reason to persuade the judiciary to return his cases to court—by no means a given—he will still have to deposit much of what he owes in escrow. He'll need much more than faithful MAGAs to meet the court's demands."

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Trump is expected to pay a nine percent interest rate on the sum of damages as mandated by the state of New York. Additionally, per a pre-trial ruling on the case, the fine "will continue to increase every single day" until Trump complies.

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Donald Trump Slammed Judge And Prosecutor After The Costly Verdict

Donald Trump and political officials seen in the Trump Tower lobby in NYC

Following the verdict,  Trump took to his Truth social media to slam Arthur Engoron, the judge on the case, and Letitia James, the New York Attorney General. He called Engoron "crooked" and described James as "corrupt."

He also said that the verdict was an "unAmerican judgment against" him, his family, and his "tremendous business," adding that the "radicals are doing all they can to kick" him out.

In a separate post, he went on to allege that the ruling was a case of "election interference" and" witch hunting."

Trump was not the only one who felt this way, as MAGA supporters also took to social media to call out Engoron and James.

"Letitia James weaponized her Office and collaborated with Bidens WhiteHouse to make sure Democrat Activist Judge Erdogan weaponized the Court System," one person said.

"No victim. No crime. It takes really twisted Tooth Fairy economics to fantasize a case like this," someone else commented.

Another MAGA fan wrote, "The case, trial, and judgment against Trump stemming from it is all nonsense. Complete sham!"

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Donald Trump To Appear In Court For Stormy Daniels Trial

NYPD Expected To Guard Trump Towers Tomorrow Amid Donald Trump's Indictment

Trump has made known that he would be appealing the verdict, which means possible payment of the fine will be halted until the appeal is concluded.

In the meantime, he is scheduled to be in court next month for allegedly paying hush money to two women, former Playboy model Karen McDougal and adult film star Stormy Daniels, during his 2016 presidential campaign.

The Stormy Daniels trial aims to determine if the ex-president can remain on the ballot for the 2024 presidential election.

Pornstar Stormy Daniels Files To Legally Change Name Following Trump Scandal
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The prosecution has previously claimed that they suspect Trump withheld accurate information from voters by falsifying documents to hide payments, which is against election law.

However, legal experts claim the presidential hopeful will not deny that he concealed payments. Instead, Trump would argue that the purpose was to conceal the affairs from his spouse, Melania, rather than as a preemptive measure to stop his opponents from using the information to discredit him.

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