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Olivia Dunne Stuns As She Executes Backflips In Bikini On The Beach

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By Alisan Duran on February 19, 2024 at 9:00 AM EST

Olivia Dunne flaunts her gymnastics prowess on the beach!

The Louisiana State University competitor impressed her 7.9 million TikTok followers with a video highlighting her remarkable athleticism and stunning physique. Popularly known as Livvy, Dunne sported a sleek two-piece in the clip, effortlessly executing a backflip.

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Olivia Dunne Is Showing Off Her Flexibility

In the video, the 21-year-old positioned herself on a rock, presenting her body at a side angle to the camera with her feet firmly planted perpendicular to each other and shoulder-width apart. After making eye contact with the lens, Dunne turned away and raised her arms close together, her expression focused.

With intense concentration, she bent both knees and leaned forward, extending both arms straight behind her. With a swift and forceful motion, she swung her arms forward and upward, generating the necessary momentum to propel her legs high over her head in a seamless, controlled movement.

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Graceful Movements

With grace, her body unfolded as she landed gracefully on the sand, both feet touching down simultaneously as she stepped back with one foot for balance.

Dunne concluded the performance flawlessly, standing tall and solidly balanced on the balls of her feet, her arms extended upward once again. Making eye contact with the camera, she flashed a triumphant smile, completing the routine with confidence.

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Taking Gymnastics To The Beach

Dunne rocked a sleek black bikini, showcasing her stunning physique. The top resembled a bralette with a scooped neckline, revealing ample cleavage, and featured wide shoulder straps that accentuated her slender arms.

The matching bottoms were equally revealing, boasting substantial coverage for the athlete's lower half. With daring high leg cuts, they highlighted Dunne's sculpted thighs, while a curved waistband left her taut stomach on full display. The sides stretched above her hips, accentuating her trim waist and hourglass silhouette.

Dunne styled her blonde locks straight, allowing them to cascade down her back. Opting for a natural look, she skipped accessories and makeup, letting her innate beauty shine.

In the caption, Dunne humorously noted that she performed "Some beach-nastics."

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Olivia Dunne Stuns Fans

Olivia Dunne taking a selfie.
Instagram Stories | Olivia Dunne

The share has accrued plenty of likes and dozens of messages as devotees dropped gushing notes in the comments section. It has racked up nearly 10 million views as of this day.

"Very beautiful sweetheart," commented one.

"Noted another admirer, "BRO YOU ARE GORGEOUS."

A third user chimed in, "Looking great on the beach."

"Perfection right there," added the fourth supporter.

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Pure Talent

Originally hailing from New Jersey, Dunne embarked on her gymnastics journey at the tender age of three. Presently, she stands as one of the highest-earning figures in collegiate sports, securing millions of dollars through her lucrative sponsorship deals.

Dunne consistently delivers striking and awe-inspiring content to her TikTok audience. In another share, she treated her followers to a video showcasing flawless splits and a handstand, sporting a gray top and booty shorts. The post has garnered over 4.5 million views to date.

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