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Taylor Swift Fan Dies In Horrible Crash On Her Way To The Singer's Concert

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By Favour Adegoke on February 17, 2024 at 3:30 PM EST

A 16-year-old Swiftie reportedly died on her way to a Taylor Swift concert in Sydney. The teenage girl and her sister were being driven by their mother when their car collided with a semi-trailer.

While the teenager passed on after resuscitation failed, her sister and mother were rushed to the hospital, with the former still in a critical condition.

A GoFundMe has been launched to raise funds for the family and has reached over AUD$25,000 in donations.

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Late Fan Suffered Fatal Injuries From The Accident

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According to the Daily Mail, a teenage Swiftie who died in a horrific highway crash on the way to a Taylor Swift concert has been identified.

Mieka Pokarier, 16, who was traveling with her mother and sister, sustained fatal injuries after their car smashed into a semi-trailer during the road trip. Meika's younger sister, Freya Pokarier, her mother, Kim Litchfield, and the semi-truck driver also suffered injuries, with Freya being the only one in critical condition.

On Saturday, the children's father, Peter Pokarier, took to Facebook to mourn his loss, writing, "That's my baby that died."

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The children's Godmother, Karleigh Fox, also shared her grief in an interview with Courier Mail, where she noted that the two girls had been looking forward to attending the 14-time Grammy Award winner's concert.

"This was supposed to be a road-trip of a lifetime with them going to concerts in both Melbourne and Sydney," she said.

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GoFundMe Page Has Been Launched

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A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money for the family, who have halted their work commitments to rush to Westmead Hospital in Sydney, where Freya is currently battling for her life amid potential brain injuries, a damaged pelvis, and a broken leg.

The young girl is presently in a medically induced coma, a state that will persist for a few more days to aid her body with the necessary rest for potential recovery. However, the risk of possible brain damage remains, as there is still the possibility of swelling in the brain and the ongoing threat of infection.

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The funds collected will be utilized to navigate this challenging period, addressing essential expenses as the family stays in Sydney to support and care for Freya. The page has garnered AUD$25,171 from more than 530 generous donations, spanning amounts from AUD$5 to AUD$1100.

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Social Media Users React To The Taylor Swift Fan's Death

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Social media users have expressed their condolences and offered prayers to strengthen the family as they navigate through this difficult time of loss.

One person wrote, "Just a heartbreaking story. I can't imagine what the family is going through," while another commented, "Sending love and strength to all the family during this tough time."

A third person word "This is so heartbreaking, i am so sorry. I used to talk to one of the girls that was mentioned, she was so sweet. My condolences to you and your family."

Another individual remarked, "Absolutely heartbreaking to see this, wishing the best for your family and a speedy recovery."

Someone else said, "May [Meika] sweet soul rest in peace. Hoping mama remembers to take care of herself and praying Miss Ten [Freya] makes a full recovery."

One more person mentioned, "I'm so sorry. Swifties, have your guys back & celebrate her life along with you. may her sister, mom & loved ones recover & heal.”

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A Taylor Swift Fan Previously Died At The Pop Star's Brazil Concert

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Late last year, another Swifty, Ana Benevides, died after waiting several hours outside of Estádio Nilton Santos in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where Swift was scheduled to have a show.

The weather conditions on that day were reportedly extreme. It was said to have a heat index of 140° F, one of the highest temperatures experienced this year in the country.

Upon entering the venue, Benevides "fainted," perhaps due to the heat and the pressure of being surrounded by other concert attendees.

Initially, she was "resuscitated" at the stadium while waiting to be moved to a hospital for further checks. However, she only remained awake for 40 minutes and suffered a second cardiac arrest during transit to the hospital. She died shortly after her arrival.

Following her death, Swift took to Instagram to mourn the loss, writing that she felt it very deeply and was overwhelmed by grief.

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