Harvey Weinstein Resigns from All Charities and Organizations

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By TheBlast Staff on October 10, 2017 at 7:42 PM EDT

Harvey Weinstein has pulled back from every single charity and organization he works with and financially supports, including the ones he was a board member on.

Sources close to Weinstein tell us the producer "does not want to disturb the good work he has done and what these organizations are trying to accomplish."

Weinstein has been a staple for huge charities over the years; including the Robin Hood Foundation, amfAR, UNICEF, Oceana, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, and the Lebron James Family Foundation.

Weinstein was officially a board member on the Robin Hood Foundation, and has informed them he is resigning effective immediately.

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee -- which Weinstein has donated thousands to over the years -- is reportedly donating his campaign contributions to women's groups.

The Blast broke the story, Weinstein is headed out of the country to a treatment facility to get help after a slew of sexual harassment allegations levied against him ultimately got him fired.

Weinstein -- whose wife left him after more allegations came to light -- believes he was wrongly terminated from The Weinstein Company.

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