'Texas Thighs' Courtney Ann

'Texas Thighs' Courtney Ann In Sheer Red Lingerie Is 'A Fantasy'

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By Kristin Myers on February 23, 2024 at 7:00 AM EST

Model Courtney Ann pulled out all the stops for Valentine's Day!

The popular OnlyFans model treated her 1.2 million Instagram followers to a video and a few still shots of her posing in red lingerie to celebrate the annual holiday!

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Courtney Ann WOWS In Sheer Red Lingerie And Heels

On Valentine’s Day, Courtney made sure to pull out all the stops as she posed on a pink plush couch next to a silky red robe that lay discarded beside her. She paired a one-piece red bodysuit with red high heels as she crossed one leg over the other. She ran her hands up and down her smooth legs as she posed for the camera, styling her hair in loose waves that fell around her shoulders.

The video was set to Artemas’ “If You Think I’m Pretty.” In the caption, she simply wrote, “XOXO” next to two pink heart emojis. “You are so beautiful and gorgeous. I love it,” one fan commented. “Now there’s a fantasy,” another follower wrote. “Happy Valentine’s Day! You are looking very hot!” a third fan gushed. “Breathtaking,” another follower declared while another fan called her “very pretty.”

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Courtney Shares Some Still Shots In Her Red Lingerie

The day after Valentine’s Day, Courtney took to Instagram to share four photos that featured her posing on the pink plush couch in her one-piece red lingerie set. Her rose tattoo was prominently featured on her arm as she moved through a variety of positions. She placed her hands on her upper thighs in the third slide as she smiled at the camera, showing off her glossy pink lips.

“Morning. Hope your day was full of love,” she wrote in the caption. “Just wow!!! Beauty beyond belief!!!” one fan exclaimed. “Wow, a real Valentine!” another follower commented. “You look stunning,” a third fan chimed in. “Good morning. I hope that you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day,” another follower shared. “Good morning! You look great in red,” another fan added.

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Courtney Ann Flashes A Rear View On Super Bowl Sunday

On Super Bowl Sunday, Courtney got ready to watch the 49ers play against the Chiefs. Even though her favorite team didn’t make it to the biggest game of the year, she decided to root for the Kansas City Chiefs in a festive red outfit. She shared four photos that featured her sitting in front of the television with her legs spread around the sides of the chair. Unfortunately for fans, she did not share a view of her outfit from the front.

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“Super Bowl Sunday. Who y’all got? Make any crazy bets? I’m pulling for the Chiefs today,” she wrote in the caption. “Let’s go Chiefs!” one fan exclaimed. “Go Chiefs,” another follower agreed. “I don’t care about football,” a third fan admitted. “I’m voting for those shorts,” another follower teased. “It looks like someone has the best seat in the house,” another fan chimed in. “It looks like I’m a fan of the Chiefs now,” another follower joked.”

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Courtney Lifts Up Her Shirt While Going Shopping

Thank goodness it wasn’t too crowded when Courtney went shopping, otherwise she might have treated some unsuspecting customers to an unexpected surprise. Over the weekend, Courtney went shopping in a tie-dye hoodie, blue leggings, and Ugg boots. She made it pretty clear that she wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath her colorful top as she lifted up her sweatshirt, revealing the bra that she was wearing underneath.

“Hi,” she wrote in the caption along with a red heart emoji. “Nice shirt,” one fan teased. “I most definitely need to go to Costco more often,” another follower joked. “You are truly a sweet woman,” a third fan chimed in. “Why wear a bra?” another follower asked. “Great tights. I love the blue,” another fan shared while another fan asked, “What aisle can I get some of those?”

Interested in more Courtney Ann content? In another recent Instagram post, the popular OnlyFans model showcased her fit physique in a cut-out swimsuit to prove that she really is ready for summer to return! Fans can check out those steamy snaps by clicking here!

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