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Olivia Dunne In Tight Workout Gear Reveals Her Typical 'Recovery Day'

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By Alisan Duran on February 15, 2024 at 7:00 AM EST

Olivia Dunne reveals her recovery routine in preparation for the LSU vs. Auburn Tigers matchup!

As the collegiate gymnastics season heats up, athletes nationwide face a rigorous schedule. Dunne, a standout for LSU, feels the pressure as her team prepares to face off against the Auburn Tigers.

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Olivia Dunne Is Enjoying Some Recovery Time

With little time between competitions, recovery becomes crucial for maintaining peak performance. Fortunately, LSU's training staff prioritizes recovery alongside training, ensuring Dunne and her teammates are ready to give their best effort every time they compete.

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Life Of A D1 Athlete

In her recent Instagram update, Dunne offers her followers a glimpse into the rigorous recovery routine of a Division 1 athlete.

With a massage emoji and the caption "much needed," Dunne hints at the importance of rejuvenation in maintaining peak performance. The video clip accompanying the post showcases Dunne utilizing various equipment as she diligently works to bounce back after her pivotal role in LSU's victory over the Georgia Bulldogs.

Spending Time With Her Furry Companion

Adding an interesting twist to her gym session, Dunne finds extra motivation with her pet Roux by her side, infusing good vibes into her workout.

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Just the day before, Dunne and her sister Julz indulged in a festive Mardi Gras celebration with a lavish seafood platter. With this recent deviation from her typical diet, the gymnast likely aims to burn off some extra calories before facing Auburn.

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Fans React To The Video

Dunne's latest post has certainly sparked conversation among fans, evident from the engaged comment section.

"Just looked at my girl & sighed," wrote an admirer, while another remarked, "Hahaha. This one confirms she DEFINITELY knows what she's doing. And I'm here for it."

The third user added, "The twerk machine is crazy."

A fourth commenter expressed, "Oh good lord the people are gonna have a field day with this one."

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Olivia Dunne's 'Day-Off'

In January, Dunne treated her followers to another intriguing video unveiling her routine.

The 21-year-old, who is dating MLB player Paul Skenes, took to her Instagram account and walked her 4.9 million fans through her “day off as a D1 athlete :).”

The New Jersey native began her day bright and early at 5:30 a.m. when she woke up and showed off her Tiger pride in a gray-and-purple LSU sweat set. She headed to the bathroom, brushed her teeth and hair, then arrived at substance training at 6 a.m.

Coffee Stop

Dunne and her teammates kicked off their morning routine with a coffee stop, where she indulged in her favorite vanilla latte with oat milk before diving into their 7 a.m. FRC training session. The remainder of her morning was dedicated to attending appointments and receiving treatments for her torn labrum.

By noon, Dunne treated herself to what she described as a "literal life-changing massage," followed by a conditioning session in the practice gym at 2 p.m. Sporting a black tank top and biker shorts set from Vuori, an activewear brand she represents as an ambassador, the athlete wrapped up her day with an early casual dinner with teammates at the campus dining hall.

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