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Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooting Leaves 1 Dead, Over 20 People Injured

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By Favour Adegoke on February 14, 2024 at 8:45 PM EST

It has been reported that at least 22 people suffered gunshot wounds during the shooting incident at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Parade.

At least one person has been confirmed dead, with eight children reported among those injured during the devastating moment.

Since the news of the shooting, some Kansas City Chiefs players have broken their silence and asked for prayers for the victims.

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The Number Of Kansas City Chiefs Shooting Victims Increases

Following a news conference by the Fire Chief of the Kansas City Fire Department, Ross Grundyson, the number of shooting victims has increased to at least 22.

Grundyson revealed that there is "a total of 22 gunshot victims, one of those was a fatality. We had eight with we considered to be immediately life-threatening patients, we had seven life-threatening injuries, and we had six with minor injuries.”

The Fire chief also shared that the people with life-threatening injuries have been "transported to hospitals within 10 minutes, so [they] felt the response was certainly adequate and appropriate."

Due to the chaotic nature of the Union Station, some people suffered injuries while attempting to run away from danger.

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One high school student who was at the location shared his harrowing experience stating that he suffered an injury while running away from the gunshots.

"The security guard was like, ‘Get over the damn fence right now, there’s a shooter.’ When I was hopping over the barricade, my foot hit [it] and my face nailed the concrete,” Gabe Wallace told the Kansas City Star.

He also shared that he had yet to contact some of his friends who also attended the parade, adding, "I have no idea if my friends are OK. It’s terrible … I’m literally thinking, most of my friends are dead. That’s all that went through my mind, like, ‘Are my friends dead or not?’”

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New Video Shows Moment Alleged Shooting Suspects Were Caught

In a video shared on social media, a crowd of people could be seen running around in disarray due to the devastating gunshots tearing through the air.

One particular individual, believed to be one of the shooters, was spotted running away before being tackled to the ground by heroic civilians.

He was eventually arrested by police at the scene. A second alleged shooter could also be seen in the video being apprehended for allegedly shooting civilians at the Kansas City Super Bowl victory parade.

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Two Armed Suspects Are Reportedly In Custody

Kansas City Police Chief Graces opened up about the shooting incident during a press conference, where she revealed that there are currently two armed suspects in custody.

"I’m angry at what happened today. The people who came to this celebration should expect a safe environment," Graces said. She revealed that there were still victims going into the hospital but noted that she did not believe any of the victims were children.

After being questioned about the possibility of multiple shooting scenes, Graves said, "That is still an active thing. That is a lot of ground to cover, as you know, the size of Union Station. I will tell you we have located that crime scene on the west side of Union Station. As far as in the front of

[the station], that is still under investigation."

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The police chief added, "We have crime-scene investigators as well as detectives. We had a lot of our Assault Squad detectives and our homicide detectives that were actually in uniform today working the assignment, so not only did you have a uniformed presence immediately responding to the scene, rendering aid, and running toward the scene, you also had detectives immediately on the scene who are still there and actively working."

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