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Derek Hough Is 'In Awe' Of Wife's Strength Following Skull Surgery

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By Afouda Bamidele on February 14, 2024 at 9:30 AM EST

Derek Hough's wife, Hayley Erbert Hough, is one "strong" woman. 

Hayley's strength was highlighted when her husband offered an uplifting and inspiring update on her health following her multiple surgeries and traumatic brain injury last year.

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Derek Hough Sings His Wife's Praises Amid Her Health Challenges

The "DWTS" judge graced the red carpet for Jennifer Lopez's "This is Me… Now: A Love Story," where he engaged in conversation with the media. Providing an update on his wife after her emergency craniectomy and subsequent cranioplasty, the dancer shared:

"She's unbelievable. When I married her, I knew she was strong, but I really didn't realize how strong she really was until now. I'm just, I really am in awe of her everyday."

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He then effused about Hayley being "incredible" and dubbed her "a miracle," a word he claimed that he does not "really throw around lightly." In the interview with ET, Derek added:

"It's been a crazy time, but I tell you what, it's been an amazing and beautiful time, because all the little wins, the triumphs, it's just incredible. She's amazing."

As the outlet recalled, Hayley was rushed to the hospital on December 6, after experiencing disorientation during a performance on her and Derek's "Spectacular Symphony of Dance Tour." 

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Derek disclosed at the time that his wife had experienced a cranial hematoma, which is characterized by a collection of blood within the skull, typically caused by a ruptured blood vessel in the brain. According to the Mayo Clinic, this condition can also result from trauma such as a car accident or fall.

The online celebrity subsequently underwent two skull surgeries to address the cranial hematoma and has been diligently working to recover from the frightening incident that posed a threat to her life.

Earlier this month, The Blast reported that Hayley herself spoke about her experience for the first time in a post shared on social media earlier this month. She expressed:

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"Here I am today. It has been quite the journey. There's been so much that has happened in two months. Lots of emotions. All the things. To this day, I still have really good days and really bad days. Emotionally and physically. But I'm doing so much better every single day. Like, truly, there is so much progress every day. I'm so grateful for that."

Derek & Hayley Took Their Time Unveiling Their Romance To The World

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert 2018 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party

It is worth mentioning that Hayley's health scare occurred almost four months after she and Derek exchanged vows in a regal and intimate ceremony held in Monterey County, California.

The event, attended by 106 guests, was themed around a redwood forest, which had deep sentimental meaning for the couple. Hayley elaborated on the significance of their wedding location during an interview, saying:

"We're in a redwood forest, but we got married right in front of this mother tree that's surrounded by all these smaller trees. They drop all the seeds, and it plants kind of like an army of children to protect the mother. The symbolism of it was beautiful. We're here, planting our seeds to grow our family."

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The lovebirds stayed on theme with their stunning outfits for the big day, with the "So You Think You Can Dance" star donning a custom duchess satin gown designed by Georgina Chapman from Marchesa, complemented by a long veil. 

Meanwhile, her beau chose a black suit by Tom Ford for the ceremony and Brooks Brothers for the reception. Additionally, the duo's wedding bands were custom-made by Paris Jewellers.

Derek and Hayley met in 2014 when he and his sister Julianne Hough enlisted her to join them on tour. By 2015, the "Celebrity Family Feud" contestant became part of the "Dancing with the Stars" family as a troupe member, bringing her closer to Derek.

Despite their closeness, it was not until November 2016 that Derek hinted at being in a relationship, but he kept his partner's identity a mystery. Their relationship finally made its Instagram debut in May 2017 with a nostalgic throwback picture from one of their dance sessions, and their love has continued to blossom since then.

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