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Joe Biden Trolls MAGA With 'Dark Brandon' Meme Over Taylor Swift/NFL Conspiracy Theories

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By Favour Adegoke on February 12, 2024 at 11:15 AM EST

Joe Biden has taunted Donald Trump's MAGA with a meme following the Kansas City Chiefs win at the Super Bowl.

The meme was a picture of "Dark Brandon" with a caption that read, "Just like we drew it up."

It referenced conspiracy theories that Biden and his team had rigged the Super Bowl in the Chiefs' favor to get Taylor Swift to endorse him. Swift is currently dating Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

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Joe Biden Says 'Just Like We Drew It Up'

Shortly after the Kansas City Chiefs win at the Super Bowl, Biden shared a tweet on X (formerly Twitter) seemingly trolling MAGA.

The post from the incumbent president had a picture of "Dark Bradon," with an evil grin and blazing red lights shooting from his eyes.

Biden added the caption, "Just like we drew it up," referencing a recent conspiracy theory that the Super Bowl was rigged in favor of a Chiefs win.

The conspiracy theory also claimed that the win would lead to Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce's girlfriend, Taylor Swift, endorsing Biden's campaign for a return to the White House. This move will reportedly go a long way toward boosting his numbers at the upcoming polls due to Swift's massive following.

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Biden had also posted a video earlier on his newly launched TikTok campaign account, which seemed to fuel the conspiracy theory.

In the video, Biden was asked if he was "Deviously plotting to rig the season so the Chiefs would make the Super Bowl or the Chiefs being just a good football team?"

In response, he replied, "I'd get in trouble if I told you," after which the camera displayed a shot of "Dark Brandon."

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Social Media Users Shocked By Joe Biden's 'Dark Brandon' Meme

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Meanwhile, on X, social media users were shocked by the meme posted by Biden and even initially wondered if it was from a parody account.

One user posted, "At first, I thought this was a parody account, but what the h-ll is this," while another user commented, "I thought this was a parody account but nope, it's the President of the United States."

However, some other netizens felt that the tweet was an appropriate trolling gesture and even appreciated the wit about it.

One person wrote, "Sir, this is next level trolling. You are awarded 10/10."

Another fellow remarked that Biden is making them "very happy with this tweet," adding the hashtag "StrategicMocking."

Some users failed to see the humor in the tweet and voiced their distaste for it.

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A user commented, "This is seriously one of those 'the best moment to delete this was right after you posted it. The next best moment is now' times."

One more person wrote, "This is so cringe…"

The President Allegedly Wants Taylor Swift's Endorsement

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Recently, reports were claiming that Biden wants to garner support from social media for his re-election and wants Taylor Swift's endorsement to get the ball rolling.

It is believed that Biden aims to leverage Swift's popularity to engage young voters and secure financial support for the election, as recent polling suggests that 18% of voters are "more likely" or "significantly likely" to support a candidate endorsed by the pop star.

Already, prominent Democrats have urged the president to prioritize engaging with Swift after a post from her last year about the upcoming elections resulted in 35,000 new voter registrations.

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"I've heard you raise your voices, and I know how powerful they are," Swift posted on her Instagram Stories at the time. "Make sure you're ready to use them in our elections this year!"

The president's campaign team is also optimistic about Swift's potential endorsement, considering her support in 2020 when she endorsed Biden.

The team's strategy also reportedly involves portraying former President Donald Trump as a threat to abortion rights and personal freedoms in the 2024 election.

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