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By TheBlast Staff on October 21, 2017 at 3:01 AM EDT

Lions, angels and bears, oh my.

Justin Bieber has added another massive piece of permanent art to his body. The singer revealed a fully-tatted chest on Instagram Saturday morning.

The new ink appears to be a good versus evil allegory, possibly symbolic of heaven and hell. The piece begins at his waist with a skeleton creeping out above clouds. In the middle, there's an archway with two winged angels flying above.

The chest piece covers up Bieber's "Son of God" stomach tattoo he's had for nearly a year. It also connects the eagle, lion and bear tattoos he already had.

This brings JB's ink count to over 50 -- or, depending how you look at it, just one really big tattoo.


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Justin Bieber
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Instagram / @JustinBieber

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