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Brandi Glanville Says Joining This Site 'Saved' Her Life Financially

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By Afouda Bamidele on February 8, 2024 at 10:00 AM EST

OnlyFans was Brandi Glanville's knight in shining armor after finding herself in a financially draining hot water.

The reality star reportedly experienced some blowback after she was accused of sexual harassment by colleague Caroline Manzo while on the set of "The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip" in Morocco.

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Brandi Glanville Bared It All On Her Podcast

The reality star acknowledged OnlyFans' role in saving her from a severe financial crisis on the most recent episode of her "Brandi Glanville Unfiltered" podcast.

Glanville disclosed that she was not earning any money after her sexual harassment allegation broke out, which led her to subscribe to the "life-saving" platform in July 2023.

However, she got an epiphany about her image upon joining the controversial platform, which is popularly known for its content. "I thought I was, like, being desperate, and then when I got on it, I was like, 'I'm really feeling my sexual being at 51," Glanville explained.

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She, however, clarified that her confidence on the platform happened gradually as she could only post her feet pictures at first, no thanks to her stress-induced angioedema, which caused her face to swell.

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The source of her stress is not far-fetched, as her former co-star Manzo came out with serious allegations involving Glanville kissing her without consent and forcing her private parts against her back during the filming of the fourth season of their reality show last January.

Manzo added that the production network Bravo also aided and abetted the "sexually offensive and harassing content" by supplying them with alcohol regularly and causing them to be intoxicated.

The Blast noted that the 62-year-old claimed Glanville mounted her on the couch and pinned her down with her body in her lawsuit. Manzo claimed that the actions of Glanville and the production team brought back unpleasant memories of her sexual assault experience when she was only seven years old.

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However, sources close to the show disclosed that the housewives were playing a game in a private location during filming when the encounter between Glanville and Manzo occurred.

Glanville immediately debunked the claims through her rep, who described the lawsuit as "defamatory" and containing "false accusations about her." The rep added:

"While filming, Brandi followed what the producers asked of her, and there was no sexual assault. She is innocent of these absurd accusations that have weighed on her mental and physical health for far too long without a word of support from Peacock, Shed, or Bravo."

Glanville's Legal Team Accused Bravo Of Fueling The Drama

Caroline Manzo Sues Bravo Over Alleged Sexual Harassment During 'Ultimate Girl's Trip'

Manzo was not the only one with a vendetta against the show's production company. Glanville's lawyers also accused the show of withholding evidence to boost drama and ratings instead of vindicating the reality star.

The Blast confirmed that the lawyers demanded to see video footage from the taping themselves despite reports that the incident happened far away from the camera, stating:

"In that bathroom, as the audio will confirm, nothing inappropriate or illegal whatsoever occurred. As you know both from your [investigation] and the audio and video that you possess, the four women washed their hands before returning to the party, where they enjoyed some food and chatted."

The team added that Manzo was in great spirits that night and did not alienate herself from the group, adding that:

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"Throughout, Ms. Manzo appeared to be having a great time and didn't telegraph any signs whatsoever that she wanted Ms. Glanville to leave her side. Overall, the entire incident was comprised of some flirtatious conduct and kissing between Ms. Manzo and Ms. Glanville, and all of it was absolutely mutual and consensual."

Glanville's lawyers accused the companies of being insensitive towards her reputation, tagging the act as unacceptable in the statement directed to Shed Media and Warner Bros company.

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