How King Charles Is 'Punishing' Prince Harry For Rejecting His 'Olive Branch'

King Charles Tipped To 'Come Through' Cancer Battle As Monarch Is Branded A 'Fighter'

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By Favour Adegoke on February 7, 2024 at 6:15 PM EST

Concerns have poured in from all quarters following King Charles' cancer diagnosis. However, royal biographer Robert Hardman has commended the monarch's resilience, labeling him a "fighter" who will overcome this health challenge.

Although it's not known what form of cancer the king has, a source confirmed that it isn't prostrate cancer. Charles has now taken a step back from public duties as he commences "regular treatments" for the health condition.

It is expected that Prince William will help undertake some responsibilities on behalf of the king.

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King Charles 'Will Come Through'

King Charles III celebrates 74th birthday, London, UK - 14 Nov 2022

Shortly after Charles headed to the hospital in January to treat an enlarged prostrate, the reigning monarch was diagnosed with cancer, stirring a wave of concern among royal fans and citizens.

Nevertheless, royal author Hardman has shed light on the king's resolve, portraying him as a formidable individual who will determinedly conquer this health setback.

"He's a fighter and has an inner steel," Hardman told People magazine. "He's philosophical and stoical and has a deeper faith than people appreciate."

The biographer went on to recount certain ugly incidents that Charles pulled through in the past, sharing that he faced a gunman who was armed with blank bullets in Sydney in 1994, as well as when he faced a bomb threat during his investiture as Prince of Wales in 1969.

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"He is a positive person and has a really healthy attitude to looking after his body. Cancer treatment has come a long, long way. He will come through," a source close to the royals told the news outlet.

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King Charles' Cancer Isn't Prostrate Cancer

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla

It comes after Buckingham Palace announced that the king had cancer after he previously visited the hospital to treat an enlarged prostate on Jan. 26th.

The statement said that the king decided to make his condition public "to prevent speculation and in the hope it may assist public understanding for all those around the world who are affected by cancer."

The exact details of the king's diagnosis and treatment plan are unknown because it is the Palace's policy to keep medical matters private. Still, a spokesperson told the news outlet that it is not prostrate cancer.

"In time we might know," Hardman said of the king's diagnosis, adding, "but for now, there is a feeling that they have been pretty open."

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There Are No Plans To Appoint Counselors Of State

The Royal Family

There are reportedly no plans to appoint Counselors of State while the king recovers from his health issues.

Counselors of State are typically appointed in circumstances where the reigning monarch is unable to perform their duties due to illness, absence, or other reasons. These individuals, usually senior members of the royal family, step in to carry out official duties on behalf of the monarch.

"He wouldn't want to put that pressure on William," a source told People. "He has always wanted to save his children from having that pressure too early, and that will remain. Particularly as William has other priorities [with Kate Middleton, who is recovering from abdominal surgery.]"

Biographer Hardman also told the news outlet that the king's health would not prevent him from doing his job.

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"Yes, he's going to step back from public duties for a considerable time, but there will be plenty of work for him — it just won't necessarily be in a room with hundreds of people," he shared.

"He will want to get on with the job," Hardman added.

Prince Harry Paid A Visit To King Charles

Meghan Markle Will Not Be Joining Prince Harry For Visit To 'Sick' King Charles

Following the revelation of King Charles' health condition, the Duke of Sussex made a quick dash to the U.K. to support him.

Harry left Los Angeles on Monday and arrived at Heathrow Airport on Tuesday before reuniting with his dad for the first time since Queen Elizabeth II's burial. Charles notably returned Harry's heartwarming gesture by pausing his helicopter trip to Sandringham House to see him.

The Duke reportedly stayed in a hotel during his visit as he and Meghan had already vacated their Frogmore Cottage home in Windsor last March after stepping back from their royal duties in 2020 and moving to the U.S.

However, he didn't meet his brother, the Prince of Wales, Prince William, even though a source said "he would have gladly accepted it" if the opportunity "were to arise."

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"There are no plans for Harry's visit to act as some kind of vehicle for reconciliation," an insider added of the pair's strained relationship.

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