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Emily Ratajkowski Cuts Her Hair While Wearing Nothing : 'Whoops'

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By Alisan Duran on February 7, 2024 at 5:30 AM EST

Emily Ratajkowski boldly bared it all in a racy snapshot posted for her Instagram followers, appearing to have just emerged from the shower!

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Leaving Almost Nothing To The Imagination

The 32-year-old supermodel kicked off her morning with a sizzling touch, treating her online fans to a glimpse of her bare chest.

Ratajkowski fearlessly showcased her breasts to her millions of Instagram followers on Tuesday, February 6, taking to Instagram Stories to share the steamy snapshot.

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It appeared to be taken post-shower, evident from the water droplets glistening across her chest. Ratajkowski maintained her modesty by covering one breast with her hand.

Loose hairs were scattered over her skin, indicating she had given herself a trim. However, Ratajkowski hinted at a mishap with her DIY haircut, captioning the shot: "Whoops."

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Expressing Her Frustration Over Vulgarity

Emily Ratajkowski takes a selfie with nothing on after a DIY haircut.
Instagram Stories | emrata

The "Gone Girl" star has been vocal about her frustration with the societal stigma surrounding breasts. In a 2017 interview with Allure, she expressed how it "really bothers" her that people often view breasts as "vulgar" and "overly sexualized" rather than symbols of beauty and femininity.

"That's when I realized how f---ed our culture is," she continued. "When we see breasts, we don't think of beauty and femininity. We think of vulgar, oversexualized images."

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Revealing Insights Into Her Makeup Routine

The sizzling snapshot came after Ratajkowski shared her uncomplicated makeup routine in a recent interview with Marie Claire, stating, "I don't do foundation, but I use concealer. Hourglass is what I've been reaching for recently."

She also revealed her admiration for Kylie's Mascara, which she stumbled upon on set and appreciated for its ability to make her eyelashes appear "fluffy."

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Moreover, Ratajkowski disclosed that she relies on Charlotte Tilbury's highlighter and contour to add a bronzed effect to her complexion. For her lips, she alternates between products but particularly enjoys using a MakeupForever lip liner at the moment. She also expressed her fondness for Rhode balms and Pat McGrath lip glosses, emphasizing their unique qualities. Additionally, Ratajkowski mentioned using the Pat McGrath makeup stick and a freckle pen from TikTok to enhance her freckles, stating, "I really do love my freckles."

Emily Ratajkowski further emphasized that her makeup routine is not time-consuming, sharing, "I can do it pretty quickly now - it's all in all 12 products. So simple."

Maintaining Her Killer Body

Additionally, Ratajkowski disclosed her straightforward fitness routine, which mainly consists of walking her dog around New York City.

She explained, "I live in New York City so I walk a lot. I have a dog and I don't have a dog walker. Everyone thinks he's a German Shepherd. He's not. I'm a loser and I got his DNA testing," adding, "He's 90 pounds, so he's a big boy. I do have a little backyard area, but he needs a decent amount of walks. Then my son is 35 plus pounds and I carry that man around. He likes to be held and I love to hold him, but it's getting serious."

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