Selma Blair Joins 'Dancing With The Stars' Amid Ongoing MS Battle

Selma Blair Gives Uplifting Remission News In Multiple Sclerosis Update

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By Afouda Bamidele on January 31, 2024 at 11:45 AM EST

Selma Blair is reaffirming her ongoing victory over Multiple Sclerosis, sharing that her "MS is fine and still in remission." 

However, the journey to this triumph has not been without its emotional twists. The actress had previously revealed the heartbreaking moment she shed tears when a doctor, while discussing MS, unexpectedly suggested an unconventional prescription.

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Selma Blair Embraces Positivity Amidst MS Remission

In a lengthy Instagram video, the 51-year-old, seated in bed, held a mic and bravely discussed her daily struggles, from the constant pain she endured to the impact on her mobility. Blair candidly noted:

"I hurt all the time. I say that only for you people that hurt also. Like, I get it. And for all of us just aging, it hurts."

However, amid the struggles, she reassured her followers by providing a glimmer of hope to those who shared similar struggles. "The MS is fine, I'm still in remission," the "Cruel Intentions" actress stated before discussing the challenges she faced, including an upcoming MRI and bloodwork.

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In the video, she pointed to a substantial IV drip in her bedroom, acknowledging its significant role in alleviating some of her symptoms. Shedding light on the ongoing impact MS had on her, she admitted:

"I still get tired. I still am stiff like all the time. If I'm by myself, I do move and walk better and in open space. But still, I notice when I go out it's still very pronounced when I go into different rooms, hallways or meeting new people or even focusing on talking about it."

Blair addressed the effects of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a condition that affects connective tissue, primarily the skin, joints and blood vessel walls. She explained:

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"So, I get some injuries, but this is nothing that's like horrible, scary stuff or anything. It's one of those extra things that turns into a chronic thing and you have to watch because people think stretching's so good for you. And I'm technically not allowed to stretch."

Although the video's comments were limited, the mother-of-one's openness sparked an outpouring of support from her followers. One commenter expressed hope for her updates to become a series before thanking her for "using your platform to normalize invisible disabilities & illness. So much love to you." 

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Another netizen quoted Blair, noting that her sentiment of feeling "still lucky, still grateful, still ok, but still a bummer" was relatable and appreciated. Among the supportive comments, some commended her, writing, "I love you, you are such a badass" and "You are remarkable."

Selma Blair's Painful Medical Journey Was Filled With Misdiagnoses And Gender Bias

Selma Blair at The Second Annual Academy Museum Gala

The actress, diagnosed with MS in 2018, has owned her journey with fierce positivity and a dash of sass. Despite her recent health update, Blair's resilience was not always met with rainbows and sunshine. 

The "Legally Blonde" star revealed her experience with gender bias in healthcare, especially where doctors dismissed her pain and symptoms, often attributing them to menstruation. Blair recalled that some doctors credited external factors like relationships as the cause of her pain. 

In an interview with Kristen Welker, she shared a particularly distressing incident where a doctor suggested getting a boyfriend to alleviate the pain. This recommendation left Blair in tears because she "had no capability to process" such an insensitive remark.

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The "Hellboy" star bravely admitted, "I knew the pain was real. I thought it was. But I did start to convince myself, 'You're overly sensitive. There's nothing wrong with you. Get it together, you lazy, lazy whatever.'"

In their conversation, Blair highlighted that the medical trauma she endured before the MS diagnosis stretched back to her childhood. She passionately addressed the gender bias she encountered, illustrating instances where her male peers received immediate attention for similar symptoms while she faced dismissal.

"The Sweetest Thing" actress noted that in her own case, despite reporting headaches, fevers, and balance issues, she was never given an MRI. She pointed out that the doctors, who often were older males, labeled her as dramatic. Blair emphasized:

"I think primarily when I was young… they were all older male doctors who probably did not know the intricacies of a girl and that everything does not need to be blamed on menstruation."

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