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By Evie Scott on January 30, 2024 at 3:30 PM EST

Hailey Bieber aced her sheer bikini look as she dropped jaws in her latest Instagram share. The supermodel, 27, updated her account this week with figure-flaunting snaps while promoting her Rhode skincare brand, and the gallery wasn't short on the swimwear action. Delighting her fans as she showed off her stunning figure, Hailey switched things up from bikini mode to pantless tee, and there was even birthday cake action. Bieber made 2022 headlines for launching her much-hyped Rhode skincare line. While she faces stiff competition from the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, Rhode has definitely taken off.

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Going Sheer In Her White Bikini

Scroll for the photo. Earning herself over 300,000 likes in just one hour, Hailey opened crouched down and in a textured, slightly fuzzy white bikini with spaghetti straps and a bralette finish.

Dropping it low by a tree trunk covered in festive fairy lights, the wife to Justin Bieber showed off her sensational figure while going itty-bitty in her swimwear, also donning massive, shaggy white fur boots. Pairing her white headband to her outfit, Hailey returned for more of a showoff in the next slide, although this look switched to t-shirt mode.

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Posing in an oversized tee with "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY LET'S GET S--T-FACED" on it, Hailey lifted up her bed covers for a just woke up vibe, and there was even a yellow cake in front of her!

Upping the ante as fans swiped, Hailey returned in her white swimwear as she posed facing the camera and by the tree, this time flashing a fair amount of chest as she revealed her bikini top to be sheer. Further images stuck to the white bikini look, also bringing in friends.

"The last of the @rhode calendar ? Miss November x Miss December. Pineapple Refresh cleanser available now on rhodeskin.com ✨," a caption read.

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Fans Unsure How It Promotes Skincare

The comments section brought lots of compliments, but likewise some shade. And this isn't the first time. Hailey has also fallen under fire for her bikini-clad Passionfruit Jelly lip promotions, and it seems that one fan was thinking the same thing as the Jelly drama brought.

"I'm trying to make a connection between the cleanser and these photos..," they said, with others agreeing.

"Why are all ads presented in a sexy mood? Okay, we get it, you are sexy and beautiful, but what does it have to do with cleanser? @haileybieber Just curiosity really...," another fan replied.

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Not Just A Pretty Face

Hailey is proving quite the businesswoman. Announcing the arrival of Rhode on social media, the star caused hype with a little dash of mystery was she wrote: “Rhode has been in the works for a very long time, and it is getting so close,” adding: “It’s coming in 2022, and I’m very, very excited. That’s all I can say for now.”

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