Brittany Mahomes Outed By Woman For Being ‘Genuinely Unpleasant’

Brittany Mahomes Claps Back At Trolls With Bold Message After Chiefs Win

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on January 29, 2024 at 4:00 PM EST

Following the Kansas City Chiefs win in the AFC Championship game on Sunday, Brittany Mahomes is slamming haters with a bold message.

Brittany, who is married to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has been on the receiving end of NFL fans comments for quite some time now, with many claiming she just wants to be social media famous.

Mahomes deals with fans calling her "annoying" while attending NFL games. As the Chiefs were contenders for the Super Bowl, many stated they were rooting for the Baltimore Ravens so they no longer had to watch Brittany Mahomes at the games.

Now that the Chiefs secured their Super Bowl LVIII spot, the former soccer player has taken to social media to shut down the haters.

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Brittany Mahomes Asks Trolls 'Anyone Have Anything Else To Say?'

Brittany Mahomes Outed By Woman For Being ‘Genuinely Unpleasant’

As the wife of one of the biggest NFL players, Brittany is no stranger to trolls and haters.

Last month, Brittany took to social media to clap back at "rude" people after many attacked her throughout the NFL season. "Recently there has been ALOT more rude a-- people on here, waaaay more than normal," she wrote in an Instagram story at the time. "I’m not sure where y’all came from, but you should probably go back to where you came from…please," she added.

Plus, in August, she addressed the negative comments in a Q&A session, claiming she doesn't let the haters bother her anymore. “It used to [bother me] yes. But not anymore. I could give two s---s about people’s opinion of me that don’t even know me,” she responded to a fan's question, adding a peace sign emoji.

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Now, she is, once again, addressing the haters after the Chiefs took home the W over the weekend. “We went there. We won. Anyone have anything else to say?," she wrote on her Instagram Story, accompanied by a smiling emoji.

Brittany was seen at the AFC Championship game on Sunday alongside pop icon Taylor Swift, who is dating the Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce. Following the win, Brittany went down to the field to congratulate her husband, Patrick, and the rest of the team.

"Just so incredibly proud of this guy," Brittany, who shares daughter Sterling Skye and son Patrick "Bronze" Lavon Mahomes with Patrick, wrote in an Instagram Story alongside a photo of the Chiefs quarterback after the big win.

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Patrick Mahomes Heads To Las Vegas For Super Bowl LVIII

Patrick Mahomes Reveals If Fame Has Truly Changed Travis Kelce

Following the win, Patrick Mahomes spoke on what impact the road game had on him and the team.

"I knew going on the road, we were going to be OK," he said in the postgame press conference. "We've got a lot of dogs in that locker room and those guys came to play today. The defense, offense, special teams, we came back and as [Chiefs' owner] Clark [Hunt] said, we were going to win this trophy with Norma Hunt's name on our jersey, we promise you that so we went out and got that thing."

"See y'all in Vegas,” Brittany added on her social media. Super Bowl LVIII will take place in Las Vegas where the Chiefs will take on the San Francisco 49ers.

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