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Kanye West's Wife Bianca Censori Ditches Sheer Clothing For Massive Furry Outfit

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By Favour Adegoke on January 24, 2024 at 12:40 PM EST

Kanye West and wife Bianca Censori left photographers stunned with an impromptu shoot of her in a fully-covered furry outfit, complete with a large hat that hid her face. During the shoot, Censori kept her face hidden and only briefly showed her nose and mouth.

The couple has been heavily criticized for Censori's outfit choices, like her all-black latex hooded outfit. The irony is that West previously criticized his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, for "dressing too sexy" during their marriage.

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Kanye West's Wife Rocks Full Fur Clothing For Impromptu Shoot

West was so eager to show off his wife Bianca Censori that he organized an impromptu shoot for her new and shockingly conservative ensemble. A video showed the rapper leading some surprised paparazzi into a studio in California. They were brought to shoot Censori's surprisingly fully covered outfit.

The architect wore a full-length coat with long, baggy sleeves and an extremely large hat that hid her face. The entire outfit was made of cream-colored and pale brown faux fur, which resembled that of a snow leopard. It seemed that the couple's primary focus was the outfit and not Censori herself.

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During a conversation with the photographers, West revealed the fur clothing was from fashion house BLUEMARBLE. The controversial rapper later shared a photo of Censori posing in the fit on his Instagram page with the caption, "DRY."

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Bianca Censori Kept Her Face Hidden

Kanye West Calls Wife Bianca Censori The Most 'Amazing Stepmom' With '140 IQ'
Instagram | Kanye West

During the shoot, Censori kept her face hidden beneath the hat, which made the photographers ask West if they could see some "face."

The "All of The Lights" rapper seemed indecisive and then asked Censori if she wanted shots with her face or not, suggesting the shoot was a mutual decision.

Censori then replied no and turned her back on the photographers. The architect later lifted her head a bit so they could snap her nose and mouth, though she kept her eyes hidden and soon hid her entire face again.

At that point, West said, "There's face in that. Are you cool with that?" although it's not clear whether he was talking to his wife or the photographers.

The majority of the shots, including the one West shared on Instagram, showed the architect posing with her face down or back to the camera.

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Watch the video of the impromptu shoot here.

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Kanye West And Censori Have Been Criticized For Her Outfit Choices

Kanye West with wife Bianca Censori

West and Censori have been in the headlines repeatedly for their controversial outfit choices. Despite the criticism, the "Love Lockdown" rapper hasn't shied away from showing off his wife and her fits on Instagram, with all of his posts featuring her in various revealing pieces and angles.

One of the more recent posts showed Censori cooking in a string outfit, knee-high boots, and a latex mask. He captioned the post, "cream of wheat," although it's unclear whether that was in reference to his wife or the meal she was preparing in the photo.

The racy image drew massive criticism from fans, with one comment reading, "I remember the episode where he was telling Kim he didn't want her to expose herself so much. FFWD to this. Poor girl [is] being degraded on the daily. I hope she believes in herself to realize she is much more than this."

Another recent post on West's Instagram Story featured Censori driving their car with one hand on the wheel while "Girls Like Drugs" by rap duo Paris Texas played in the background. She wore an all-black latex outfit that covered her body and a matching headpiece that partially exposed her face.

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Kanye West Once Criticized Kim Kardashian For Her Dressing


The irony of West showing off Censori's body and revealing outfits both on Instagram and in real life isn't lost on fans. Many have referenced him famously criticizing ex-wife Kim Kardashian for "dressing too sexy" during their marriage.

At the Met Gala in 2019, Kardashian wore a custom Thierry Mugler corset-style mini dress, which drew ire from her ex-husband at the time.

He said at the time, "I didn't realize that that was affecting my soul and my spirit as someone that's married and loved, the father of what's about to be four kids."

West further said the outfit was too revealing for his comfort, claiming that "a corset is a form of underwear." The rapper added, "It's hot. It's like, it's hot for who, though? You are my wife, and it affects me when pictures are too sexy."

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