Olympian Suni Lee Drops Jaws With Latest Bar Routine [VIDEO]

Olympian Suni Lee 'Breaks The Internet' With Latest Gymnastics Routine [VIDEO]

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on January 23, 2024 at 4:30 PM EST

Olympic gymnast Sunisa "Suni" Lee has left fans speechless after sharing her latest bar routine ahead of the 2024 Olympics.

As you know, Suni Lee took home the title of 2020 Olympic all-around gymnastics champion and the uneven bars bronze medalist. In 2019, she became the world championship silver medalist on the floor and a bronze medalist for uneven bars.

Now, she is prepping for the 2024 Olympics, and it seems she is ready to compete as she has mastered one of the hardest gymnastics moves on the uneven bars.

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Olympian Suni Lee Drops Jaws With Latest Bar Routine [VIDEO]
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The move is called a full-twisting Jaeger, which is a move that has never been done in a competition before. It is when a gymnast swings backward in a reverse grip and performs a front somersault -- either in tuck, straddled, piked, or in a straight position.

Suni's 1.6 million followers could not believe their eyes after watching the video as they commented things such as "You’re going to break the internet with this" and "You have got to be kidding me right now."

Another user said, "My brain cannot even process it."

As one of her fans wrote, "You woke up and chose chaos today, huh."

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See Suni Lee's Latest Bar Routine

Fans of the Olympian continued to express their amazement, as one of her followers said, "I still can't believe you can actually do this stuff."

Another said, "You are unreal - forever rooting for you, Suni."

As one fan pointed out how great of a role model she is for younger ones. "All of the little babies watching you in the background makes my heart so warm and fuzzy," they wrote.

And Olympic silver medalist MyKayla Skinner commented, "Are u even real!!! Amazing!!!"

The video has gained nearly 50,000 likes from her fans and followers.

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Suni Lee Suffers From Scary Kidney Issue

It seems Suni Lee is getting back to her normal self after suffering from a scary kidney issue, which resulted in her gaining 45 pounds. “I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes,’’ the Olympic gymnast told USA Today at the time. “My eyes were swollen shut. It was just so scary.’’

Suni shocked the world when she announced she would be ending her collegiate gymnastics career at Auburn early because of the kidney issue she was facing. “I haven’t had a really bad day in a while,’’ she explained of her healing process. “But in the beginning, it was like I was waking up swollen. My fingers were so swollen they wouldn’t fit into my grips and I couldn’t hold on to the bar."

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She added, “My whole body was swollen because I was retaining water, so I couldn’t do a flip. … So it was really different, and I had to learn how to work through it.’’

Suni Lee is set to return to competition during the 2024 Olympics alongside Team USA teammate Simone Biles.

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