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Michelle Trachtenberg Slams Instagram Users For Their 'U Look Sick' Comments

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By Afouda Bamidele on January 22, 2024 at 12:45 PM EST

Michelle Trachtenberg has pushed back against online "haters."

The 38-year-old actress responded to supposed critics' comments on her appearance following a recent selfie posted to her social media page. She also went as far as updating her page with new snapshots to shut down notions of being unwell or undergoing plastic surgery.

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Michelle Trachtenberg Assures Fans Of Her Well-Being

Concerns about Trachtenberg's appearance arose after she shared a selfie with "Spy Kids" star Alexa PenaVega during a hair salon visit on January 17.

Almost immediately, some comments expressed worry, with one fan noting potential signs like "yellowing eyes, hair loss, and sunken features," suggesting a need for medical evaluation for possible hormonal, autoimmune, or liver disorders.

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"Michelle u look sick. R u ok?" another person asked under the image captioned, "These kids….now adults getting our roots/hair done! Love this girl." In response, the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" alum wrote:

"Explain to me how I look sick. Did you lose a calendar and not realize I'm not 14. I'm 38. How sad for you to leave such a comment."

The concerned fan promptly apologized, clarifying that their comment was not intended to be disrespectful and expressing that it stemmed from genuine concern for Trachtenberg's well-being.

Trachtenberg uploaded another picture later that day, alongside the caption, "I've received several comments recently about my appearance. I have never had plastic surgery I am happy and healthy. Check yourself haters."

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Despite her reassurance, the post prompted more fans to voice concerns about the actress's well-being. "Nobody is talking about plastic surgery...they are talking about your liver shutting down," one person commented.

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Michelle Trachtenberg Slams Instagram User For Their 'U Look Sick' Comment
Instagram Comments | Michelle Trachtenberg

A second Instagram user noted, "They were pointing out the yellow in the whites of your eyes. Has nothing to do with plastic surgery," as a third stressed, "Girl we love you. Your eyes are YELLOW. That's concerning. No hate here. Just genuinely concerned for your health," and a fourth shared, "Anyone with yellow eyeballs is not well and needs to see a doctor."

As a retort, Trachtenberg took to the social media platform once again, this time sharing a selfie showcasing her new hairstyle and clarifying via the caption:

"Fun fact. This is my face. Not malnutrition, no problems. Why do you have to hate? Get a calendar." 

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Just like the previous post, this also received comments from well-meaning fans who doubled down on Trachtenberg's need to see a medical professional. Meanwhile, this supporter simply conveyed:

"Michelle, many of us grew up along with your career. We just want you to be okay. You're one of us, and we want to keep it that way."

Trachtenberg's View Of Valentine's Day Was Ruined By Her School Mates

Back in 2020, Trachtenberg appeared in the news for airing her sentiments about the new meaning Valentine's Day holds for her. At the time, she uploaded a throwback picture of her as a child posing in what appeared to be a treehouse.

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Reminiscing about disliking school on Valentine's Day, a time meant for love and acceptance, the "Harriet The Spy" star began:

"So. It's valentines' week. Back in my day all the kids had to write a b—— Valentine's Day card to everyone in the class. I never got one on purpose, everyone got a valentine card. No one ever gave me one and they thought I didn't need the attention. The kids and staff all laughed and thought everyone else should get one, being an actress since I was 3, apparently I didn't need one." 

Continuing her detailed post, Trachtenberg elaborated on the perceived unfairness of the day and the challenges she faced, highlighting the responsibility of working to support her family in covering bills.

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This is challenging for me to post as people always contact me on social media saying oh, my brother, my sister went to school with you; you were best friends! False. The kids were cruel," she added before revealing that while she has moved beyond those experiences, the impact left both physical and emotional scars.

She then wrapped up with a message of resilience and empowerment, urging anyone facing bullying not to let their value be defined by others and appreciating the "three teachers that protected me." 

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