Did Jennifer Hudson & Common Plan A Relationship Confirmation On Her Talk Show?

Did Jennifer Hudson & Common Plan A Relationship Confirmation On Her Talk Show?

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By Afouda Bamidele on January 22, 2024 at 10:45 AM EST

Jennifer Hudson and Common have become the talk of the town as they might just have spilled the beans about their romantic connection on her talk show. 

However, rumors of the duo have simmered for months, especially after they officially set tongues wagging when they were spotted indulging in a "romantic weekend."

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Jennifer Hudson And Common Seemingly Confirm Their Relationship

The segment unfolded with Hudson introducing the popular rapper with a charming rap, setting the stage for a revelation that had have fans buzzing. As the 51-year-old made his entrance, he presented the host with a large bouquet of flowers, a gesture that hinted at something more than just a friendly chat.

The air was thick with romance as the rumored couple seemingly confirmed their relationship when the award-winning actress, embodying her role as a host, posed the question that had everyone on the edge of their seats. The pivotal moment came when she asked:

"Now, we got to get down to business, Mr. Common. I'm a host and so I have to ask you this question cuz everybody always wants to know this — are you dating anyone?"

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Before responding, "The Suicide Squad" star chuckled before confirming that he was indeed in a relationship. While he made sure to leave Hudson's name unspoken, it was greatly implied. In his own words:

"So Yes. I'm in a relationship that is with one of the most beautiful people I ever met in life. And she's smart, she loves God, she has something real down-to-earth about her, she's talented."

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The father-of-one even humorously revealed his high standards, joking that he sought an EGOT winner as a partner—a title Hudson achieved in 2022 with her Tony Award for producing A Strange Loop.

The "Resurrection" artist, speaking from the heart, described their relationship as a "happy place" and emphasized his gratitude, attributing the success of their connection to a higher power.

The dynamic took a delightful turn as Common playfully redirected the question back to the 42-year-old, who expressed that she was "very happy" in her relationship.

In a noteworthy development from last year, reports surfaced, confirming that Hudson and the songwriter had indeed made their romance official

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Spotted during a romantic weekend in London at the Barbican Theatre, they attended the mother-of-one's musical, "A Strange Loop," before posing with the cast members for pictures after the performance.

Insiders revealed that although the pair arrived separately, they were together at the event. It was also disclosed that Common and Hudson had intentionally kept their relationship low-profile. 

According to the sources, "There has been speculation for months regarding whether or not they are together, but the fact they've traveled to London together just shows they're very much an item. They arrived at the show individually to avoid any commotion, but away from prying eyes, they were very much in each other's company."

Jennifer Hudson Reminded Everyone Of Her EGOT With An Anniversary Tribute

Jennifer Hudson at the AHF World AIDS Day 2021 Concert

Before everyone got excited about their debut as a couple, Hudson was marking a different milestone. The "Dream Girls" star took to Instagram to commemorate the anniversary of her 17th position in the exclusive EGOT club with a stunning Boomerang.

The clip featured Hudson flaunting a chic pixie cut hairstyle and flawless makeup, sporting a custom-made purple cropped top with her nickname "J.Hud." She struck a pose with her left thumb hooked in her jean pocket and her right hand delicately placed above her bosom. 

In the caption, she excitedly noted, "A year ago today, I became the 17th EGOT!! There are no limits to what God can do! Its a year later and I'm still 17." Fans celebrated the iconic artist, with one stating:

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"That's right, flaunt it if you've got it! J wy All hail the Superbly Talented brown sugar babe." Another effusively noted their congratulations, "Beautiful Lady Congratulations, Love ya Shirt and Love you more Jennifer." 

Others shared sentiments of awe, reminiscing about the moment she achieved EGOT status. One ambitious fan even expressed a desire to see Hudson win a "Best Talk Show Host Emmy at some point" while envisioning her as an "award-winning Host, Artist, Actor, Producer."

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