Taylor Swift To Support Boyfriend Travis Kelce At Upcoming Chiefs Game

CNN Reporter Sends 'Harsh' Message To Taylor Swift Ahead Of Chiefs Game

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on January 20, 2024 at 5:15 PM EST

Ahead of the Buffalo Billsvs Kansas City Chiefs playoff game, CNN reporter Harry Enten sent a "harsh" message to Taylor Swift.

As you know, the 'Love Story' singer has been dating Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and has been showing up to the NFL games to show her support for the team. While it has not yet been confirmed, it is expected Taylor Swift show up in Buffalo, New York for the upcoming playoff game against the Bills on Sunday.

Some are expecting to see the pop icon in attendance, while others are hoping she does not show, as they have deemed her a distraction to the Chiefs.

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CNN Reporter Hopes Taylor Swift 'Cries' After The Chiefs Game

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Ahead of the game, the CNN reporter told Anderson Cooper that he "hopes [Taylor] is probably crying at the end of Sunday."

"I will note the Bills have already beaten the Chiefs in Kansas City when Taylor Swift showed up," Enten told Cooper. "So while I do enjoy Taylor Swift's music, as I know you do—we're both Swifties at heart—I'm hoping she's probably crying at the end of Sunday because that'll mean my Buffalo Bills have won."

He continued, "So this is the one time I am rooting against Taylor Swift. I am sorry, Swifties, I've got to do it."

Anderson Cooper responded by saying, "Wow, that's kind of harsh."

The two reporters then quickly moved on to the next segment.

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While Taylor Swift has been a hot topic of this NFL season, even having “pissed off a few dads, Brads, and Chads," the 'Red' singer doesn't seem to mind as she continues to show up and support her boyfriend.

“I’m just there to support Travis,” she told TIME Magazine last month. “I have no awareness of if I’m being shown too much."

Last week, she showed up in Kansas City wearing a custom Kansas City Chiefs jacket, which was made by NFL wife Kristin Juszczyk.

Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, also showed up wearing a custom Kristin Juszczyk jacket.

The game was played in a record-breaking sub-zero degrees, with wind gusts up to 27 mph, which made for a wind chill of minus-27 degrees Fahrenheit. It was the coldest game in Arrowhead history.

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Taylor Swift Helps Bring Fathers and Daughters Closer

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While Taylor Swift has received some backlash from NFL dads, others are thanking the pop icon for helping them find a way to connect to their daughters, who were never interested in football before Taylor started dating Travis Kelce.

“For me, it felt like the Super Bowl, which would be the only other time that anybody would remotely want to sit down and watch football with me,” Keith Stoeckeler, a Connecticut dad, told TODAY of his daughter wanting to watch football with him. “It was appointment viewing. It was not just ‘Oh, OK, football’s on. We’ll watch it with you. We want to watch that’.”

NBC Sports has reported that NFL viewership among teen girls has gone up 53% after the 'Love Story' singer appeared at the ‘Sunday Night Football’ game last October.

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The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Buffalo Bills in the NFL playoffs on Sunday, January 21.

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