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Former Soldier Kindly Myers In Red Lingerie Is 'Too Hot To Handle'

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By Kristin Myers on January 28, 2024 at 8:00 AM EST

Model Kindly Myers is clearly ready for Valentine's Day in her lacy red lingerie!

The Army National Reserve veteran showed off her red lingerie set that was hot enough to melt the snow surrounding her home in Nashville, Tennessee!

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Kindly Myers Is Ready For Valentine's Day In Lacy Red Lingerie

“Might be the only guy who didn’t send me hearted eyes in reply to my latest story,” Kindly wrote in the caption of her Instagram reel, typing out the lyrics of the song playing in the background. Fans might not have even noticed the music, as Kindly posed in her lacy red lingerie. She started the video by tugging down her thong, showing off the tan lines around her hips.

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“Lol, naw babe, I was the guy you laughed at when I tried to kiss you!” one fan teased. “I do get why you send them though. So many people want to hear from you. And an emoji is easy to send,” another follower wrote. “I love that song,” a third fan chimed in. “Absolutely gorgeous,” another follower wrote. “Infinitely beautiful and inescapably gorgeous,” another fan gushed while another follower called her "too hot to handle."

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Kindly Myers Was NOT Made For The Snow!

Although she looked adorable in her pink outfit and neon green beanie, Kindly admitted that she is not built for the snow! It is currently freezing in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, and the popular model didn’t mind sharing a look at the snow-lined streets. “I was not made for this kind of weather… right now Nashville is frozen. Thankful for @shinestythreads right now!!!” she wrote in the caption.

“Just another day in New England weather lol You look so awesome in that outfit,” one fan commented. “Gorgeous,” another follower agreed. “Snow bunny vibes. But you’d be gorgeous regardless. Just beautiful,” a third fan chimed in. “But you look so cute in pink warm clothes,” another follower shared while another fan teased, “You will melt the snow.”

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Kindly Is Looking As Cute As Ever

In another Instagram post, Kindly showed off her fit physique in a white camo-print outfit. The popular model is really an Army National Reserve veteran and knows how to handle a firearm. There are a lot of photo shoots that show off her finger discipline, and this is just another example. “Ok. The snow was cute for like a day… now it has definitely worn out its welcome,” she wrote in the caption.

“Love to see someone with trigger awareness,” one fan commented. “Took a minute to find you,” another follower teased. “I never wanted to own a gun so bad until I saw Kindly hold a gun. Perfection,” a third fan chimed in. “Not a fan of guns, but wow, that is sexy,” another follower shared while another fan asked, “Why is everyone hating on the snow?”

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Kindly Myers Is Keeping Warm With A New Jacket

Even though it is freezing in Nashville, Kindly is still finding a way to put out some new content. She paired a red sports bra with high-waisted leggings as she stood outside in the snow. Her red leggings were tucked into fur-lined snow boots. Even though it was cold outside, she tied her long hair back away from her face as she shared several shots of her new blue jacket.

“Thank you so much @titans for this retro @starterofficial jacket. Keeping me warm in all this snow,” she wrote in the caption. “Great colors on you. I’m a Chiefs fan,” one fan shared. “Wow! I love the Titans because I live in Tennessee, but I’ve been a Chiefs fan since I was in middle school long before Tennessee had a team,” another follower commented. “Packers are my favorite team. You look amazing in your Oilers jacket,” a third fan chimed in.

Interested in more Kindly Myers content? In another recent Instagram post, the former soldier hit the pool in her itty bitty bikini, showing off her fit physique from every angle! Fans can check out that jaw-dropping display by clicking here!

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