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Kendra Wilkinson Is Ready For Fun Again After 6 Years Of Celibacy

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By Afouda Bamidele on January 18, 2024 at 7:35 AM EST

Kendra Wilkinson is sharing new details about her post-divorce life, including why her bedroom action has been non-existent.

The former Playboy model recently opened up about how her life has changed following the end of her romance with Hank Baskett. The duo's split left her struggling to pick up the pieces with no chance for a new relationship; however, Wilkinson declared she is ready to end her six-year celibacy.

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Kendra Wilkinson Says Being A Symbol Made It Difficult To Have Intimate Relationships

Wilkinson bared her soul in her latest interview, exposing her vulnerabilities and being incredibly honest about her emotions after her tumultuous history with Baskett. The former couple said their vows in an unforgettable wedding at the Playboy mansion in June 2009 and showcased their love on WE TV's "Kendra on Top" series from 2012 to 2017.

However, their fairytale love tragically ended after nine years in 2018 following cheating allegations against Baskett. Six years later, Wilkinson is doing better than ever with her eyes set on raising the duo's two children — son Hank Jr. and daughter Alijah Mary — and embracing self-love.

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Kendra Wilkinson out and about in casual outfit
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"Right now, I'm focused on my kids, the love that they're receiving from me and life, and raising them — and self-love," she declared. "It's all about self-love and self-care. If I'm not caring about myself, nobody else will. So the most important thing is focusing on my mental health."

As for where she stands in her co-parenting relationship with Baskett, the 38-year-old noted the pair are on good terms. "I am a lover. So if I love you, even as a human being, you don't owe me anything, but I will love you through your problem," she explained in her interview with PEOPLE, adding:

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"I know myself, I can forgive. And I want to see Hank do well in life. He's working so hard — he's putting so much effort into his business and being a great dad. What he did in my marriage doesn't define him to me today."

"That's not who he is to me today. Today, I see him as an amazing co-parent; I see him as an amazing father. And I'm so blessed, so beyond blessed, to have him as a co-parent," she continued before acknowledging that she played a part in the duo's crumbling marriage.

"I [also] made mistakes in the marriage, and we both signed up for a reality show with our marriage," she confessed. "And we never got a chance to truly know who we were." As for her dating life, Wilkinson noted she hasn't been with a man in years, but she is finally ready to "have fun" again. In her words:

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"It's been so long since I've had s—x — it's been so long that I've had any. Because I shamed myself on my sexuality, too. Everyone sees me as a s—x icon, so I shamed myself. I shamed myself, and I stayed away from anything s—x. I almost became celibate."

Kendra Wilkinson Praises Ex-Husband Hank Baskett As The 'Greatest Father Ever'
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Despite the negativity attached to being a longtime s—x symbol, the mother of two stressed that she will not dwell on the past but continue living to the best of her ab Kendra Wilkinson ilities.

Kendra Wilkinson Said She Lost Everything After Her Divorce From Hank Baskett

Wilkinson opened up about the aftermath of her divorce last June in an emotional interview on PodcastOne's "On Display with Melissa Gorga." The TV personality recalled her separation from Baskett coincided with the end of her collaboration with E! Network.

Losing her longtime partner and the sudden conclusion of her "Kendra on Top" reality TV series was a weight the entertainer could not bear. The 38-year-old revealed the incident triggered her "depression" and left her with a need for healing, saying:

"I went through a divorce and lost everything I knew, which was my TV show. I had a TV show every year until my divorce. Then my divorce happened, and all of a sudden, now I'm left with no marriage, I'm left with no show, I had to move into a little house."

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"I didn't understand what was going on, and all of a sudden, I had to do some intense healing," Wilkinson continued, noting the loss of her marriage and career made it "impossible to be happy at that point." However, she overcame the depressing incident thanks to her children.

She pulled herself out of the ashes to ensure her kids' well-being during the tumultuous period and found happiness in the real estate industry. This career change sparked a new reality series, "Kendra Sells Hollywood," allowing Wilkinson to return to TV in 2021.

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