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Kim Kardashian Jumps On TikTok Challenge Flaunts Lavish Office With Tanning Bed

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By Afouda Bamidele on January 18, 2024 at 12:16 AM EST

Of course, she's Kim Kardashian; she can have the most absurd things in her office!

Just when fans thought Kim couldn't get more unrelatable, she upped the temperature by jumping on the viral "Of Course" challenge on TikTok while showing off her extravagant office.

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Kim Kardashian Gives Fans A Tour Of Unbelievable Office

In a new TikTok upload, Kardashian gave fans a tour of her office at the SKKN office in anticipation of their recent makeup selection launch. The 55-second clip began with the billionaire socialite dressed to the nines in a fur coat ensemble and heavy makeup as she told the camera:

"I'm Kim Kardashian. Of course I have all my magazine covers covering my wall."

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Kim Kardashian attends the 2023 Baby2Baby Gala
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She proceeds to walk the hallways while showing off frames of numerous magazine covers over the span of her two decade career. Next up is her aesthetically pleasing glam room which contains a personalized mannequin with her custom measurements after which she flaunts a gigantic TV wall with her beauty campaigns showing on loop all day long.

The clip becomes more unbelievable as the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star heads to her primary office to show fans a "3D model of her brain and her private jet."

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However, fans soon get to the highlight of the viral clip, where Kim shows that maintaining her beauty is part of her office KPIs. While holding back her laughter, the SKIMS founder informed fans that she has "a tanning bed" and "a red light bed," as she playfully sprints from one bed to another!

Always marketing her products, Kim didn't forget to include a "product shrine" of all her SKKN goods arranged in shelves before concluding the clip with a major flex — her entire office furniture is custom Rick Owens!

The challenge, which has received almost a million views, seemingly endeared Kim to fans' hearts, with many praising them for being an icon. One fan declared, "They could never make me turn against you," while another penned, "This trend suits her the most ?."

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A stunned follower noted, "THE CUSTOM RICK OWENS IS A DREAM ?," while this inspired user wrote, "how obsessed I wanna be with myself in the future." A similar comment read, "the goal is to be this successful and obsessed with myself ?," while this user wanted "Kim to show me how to be a lawyer while being super famous and a extraordinary mom."

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Other fans were focused on highlighting the office feature they found the most impressive. "Magazine wall is actually sick," confessed one follower, while another declared, "THE TANNING BED OMFG! ?."

Kim Kardashian Is Making A Triumphant Return To Makeup

As with all things Kim, the video is part of her many marketing gimmicks. According to WWD, Kim is returning to her love for makeup with the launch of SKKN by Kim Makeup set for release on January 26.

"That's my heart and soul and that’s where I started," said Kardashian of the cosmetics launch to the publication following a ski trip with her children. "With four kids, it is never chill," she said of the holiday break, before adding, "No, it was amazing. We skied. I'm glad they got that time in. But I'm very glad to be back to work."

She continued, "It's always taking the expertise that I've learned for 20 years getting my makeup done almost every single day and making the most user-friendly products. And even having two previous makeup lines."

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Kim, alongside her sister Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, made their first foray into the beauty world with Kardashian Beauty. It featured makeup and hair products but was short-lived. However, in 2017, Kim went solo and introduced KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance, with both businesses greatly bumping their net worth after Coty took a 20 percent stake in the business in 2020.

Unfortunately, she shut down KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance in 2022, promising to return with completely new formulas — it seems she has now delivered on her promise.

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The SKKN by Kim Makeup set consists collection of 15 lip liners ($22), 10 lipsticks ($32), and an eye shadow palette ($50), all in shades of nude.

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