Farmer and OnlyFans star Brittney Woods poses for the camera.

Farmer and OnlyFans Star Milks Cows In Her Tiny Bikini

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By Alisan Duran on January 16, 2024 at 10:00 AM EST

A playful agricultural worker is raking in substantial earnings on OnlyFans by capturing herself engaging in activities like milking cows, operating tractors, and tending to dirty barns, all while clad in a bikini!

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Farming In A Bikini

Brittney Woods, a 29-year-old from New Zealand, reveals that her income has tripled compared to her previous stint as a fully-clothed, full-time farmer.

"I can now make my hours work to suit myself," she shared with Caters, emphasizing her lack of reservation about her six-figure salary.

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Unbothered By The Hate

Despite facing criticism, particularly from women who questioned her attire for farm work, Woods remains unapologetic, acknowledging that the attention propelled her endeavors even further.

Almost a decade ago, Woods decided to forgo university, having completed high school and aspires to eventually purchase her own farm. Reflecting on her educational journey, she noted, "I finished high school and went to university to study business and marketing, but after two years, I lost interest and decided to pursue my passion for farming instead."

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Turning To OnlyFans For More Income

Three years ago, Woods made the decision to launch an OnlyFans account after learning about the substantial earnings of content creators on the platform. Departing from her typical farming attire, she opted for skimpy ensembles while carrying out her barnyard tasks.

Woods acknowledged the slow start in the first year but persevered to gradually build a following. Reflecting on her journey, she expressed, "The last two years I've worked hard on it and don't really care what other people think anymore, but I do get hate all of the time for it."

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Having Supportive Colleagues

Despite facing criticism and derogatory comments, Woods remains resilient, stating, "I've been told I have no self-respect and just another ran-through model, but it doesn't really bother me with people that don't know me have to say."

The majority of negative comments come from female strangers, with Woods noting that her fellow farmers have never taken issue with her online endeavors.

"In all the farms I’ve been on, I’ve usually been the only female working there," Woods acknowledged about the male-dominated industry.

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Bikini All The Way

Addressing comments about her glamour affecting work dynamics, Woods clarified, "People comment that they couldn’t work with me as I’m too glamorous and they wouldn’t be able to focus properly. But it’s not like that as I work with men all of the time, and they’re very respectful."

Supported by her male co-workers, Woods has no intention of covering up anytime soon.

Woods admitted, "I have considered a few times to stop doing OnlyFans and go back to full-time farming." However, she clarified that she has specific financial goals she aims to achieve before considering a return to farming, as solely working on a farm wouldn't facilitate reaching those objectives.

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