Kanye West Accused of Burning Turkey Over Yeezy Fashion Line Dispute

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By TheBlast Staff on November 23, 2017 at 7:57 PM EST

Kanye West’s fashion company allegedly cheated a Turkish manufacturing sourcing agent out of thousands of dollars in commission after she successfully delivered multiple seasons of the Yeezy fashion line, and now she's suing for big bucks.

Derya Gulseven filed documents against West Brands Fashion LLC on November 22 claiming she was hired in July 2015 to act as a "season-by-season sourcing agent" and assisted West's company by hooking them up with manufacturers in Turkey to produce the clothing, and then import them into the U.S. Gulseven would be making a 7% commission from the total amount of factory delivery invoices.

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Gulseven says she helped West Brands Fashion find factories in Istanbul to produce Yeezy Season 2, which were set for delivery in May 2016. The total cost of the order was $1,246,043.56.

Gulseven says in March 2016, the order was cancelled with the Turkish manufacturers, and settlements were made, but she never received her expected commission on the deal, which would have been $87,223.05.

For some reason, Gulseven says she continued helping West Brands Fashion, and a few months later placed another order in Turkey for Yeezy Season 3 totaling $2,413,944. Her expected commission would have been $168,976.08.

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However, when the clothes were delivered, Gulseven claims Kanye's compay slashed her commission from 7% to 4% and then paid her even less, cutting a check for only $77,246.25 with no explanation.

Gulseven says she also worked on Yeezy Season 4, with no payment again. It's unclear why she kept providing services with clear monetary disputes going on.

She's claiming West Brands Fashion breached their contract multiple times, and now wants all the money allegedly owed, $228,000 plus damages.

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