Miley Cyrus granted restraining order against stalker

Miley Cyrus' Obsessed Stalker Arrested After Violating Restraining Order

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By Afouda Bamidele on January 12, 2024 at 12:45 PM EST

The hammer of justice came swinging like a wrecking ball for Miley Cyrus' obsessed stalker. 

After defying a restraining order and showing up at her doorstep, the obsessed fan is back behind bars. The singer, accustomed to overwhelming attention since her Disney days, has even sought therapy due to its intensity.

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Miley Cyrus' Stalker Jailed After Stalking Spree Through Restraining Order

The pop sensation is safe and sound after a man with a history of troubling encounters was arrested near her L.A.-area home after showing up with a peculiar token of affection at her doorstep.

The person (who we have chosen not to name) reportedly approached the songwriter's front gate, attempting to present her with an unusual token of affection—a stuffed animal. Fortunately, vigilant security promptly detained him before waiting for the LAPD's arrival.

Upon police intervention, he was arrested and booked for violating the existing court order. Luckily, Cyrus -- who was at home during the incident -- managed to avoid a direct encounter with the unwelcome visitor. 

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Thanks to her capable team, the situation was swiftly handled, highlighting the ongoing challenges that celebrities face when dealing with obsessive fans turned stalkers.

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Law enforcement sources revealed that the arrest unfolded after a 1 AM call reporting a suspicious person, believed to be someone the actress had dealt with before. 

Their suspicions were accurate, as the 52-year-old had previously faced legal consequences when the "Wrecking Ball" singer obtained a restraining order against him for a similar incident the year before.

The 19-time Teen Choice Awards winner has been grappling with this persistent stalker since 2018, with the unsettling detail that he had spent time in San Quentin before allegedly resurfacing at her residence in 2022.

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Cyrus can now exhale a sigh of relief, thanks to the recent arrest that validates the legal protection she pursued back in October last year. The order took action against her persistent and troubling stalker, labeled as "violent." 

During that period, the 31-year-old recounted a disconcerting incident where he allegedly tried to open the front gate of her residence.

Per court documents obtained by The Blast, in an October 16 hearing, the restraining order issued against Cyrus's stalker was effective for a period of three years, set to expire on October 16, 2026.

The statement read: "After review of the moving papers, and upon consideration of the testimony presented by the (Miley's attorney, the Court rules as follows…(Miley's) Request for a civil harassment restraining order is granted. The court finds that (she) has sustained their burden of proof."

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What made the case even more unsettling was the background check conducted on the stalker, revealing a lengthy and violent criminal history. Accusations of arson, burglary, and carjacking were among the charges he faced.

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How Miley Cyrus Navigated Disney Stardom Through Therapy 

In August, The Blast reported that during a candid interview, Cyrus revealed her journey of seeking therapy to overcome the challenges she faced as a Disney child star. 

Opening up about the criticisms she endured from a young age, the award-winning star acknowledged that therapy emerged as a crucial ally for Cyrus, aiding her in navigating the "painful memories." 

The "He Could Be the One" singer emphasized her belief in therapy as a means to heal and acknowledged that it played a pivotal role in bringing her to a "good place" in her life. 

Reflecting on her past, she stated, "When I look back at the criticism I received as a child, it has only been these last few years that I have understood just how wrong that was. I believe in therapy to help heal painful memories, and I am in a good place – but the reality is, it should never have happened!"

The "Party in the U.S.A." artist's rise to fame began in 2006 when she took on the iconic role of Hannah Montana in the Disney Channel sitcom of the same name. The show depicted the life of an ordinary girl in Malibu juggling the challenges of adolescence while concealing her double life as a famous pop star.

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