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Coco Austin Criticized For Allowing 8-Year-Old Daughter Play 'Beer' Pong

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By Favour Adegoke on January 11, 2024 at 8:30 PM EST

Coco Austin has once again come under fire for posting her quirky antics with her child.

This time, the TV personality got into trouble for letting the eight-year-old play a game of "beer" pong, which many believe is only suited for adults.

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Coco Austin Hails Daughter Chanel's 'Beer' Pong Skills

Dreamworks Trolls The Experience Opening

After Coco Austin shared a video of her daughter, Chanel, playing "beer" pong, fans have slammed her for exposing the child to such an adult pastime.

The video, posted on Instagram, showed the eight-year-old wearing what looked like pajamas, enjoying herself with her mother and two other individuals. Chanel then impressively made four consecutive shots into the designated cups on the table, surprising all three adults present.

One said, "I can't even get one," highlighting the difficulty that comes with targeting the cups.

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After showcasing her skills, Austin cheered on her daughter, saying, "No one can beat you in a drinking game. They will lose!"

In reply, Chanel reminded her mom of the game's rules, telling her that she had to take her "four shots" since she had successfully put four balls into the cups.

Along with the video, Austin added the caption, "Chanel's hidden talet [sic] apparently……," adding the hashtag "she's got skills."

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Fans React To Coco Austin Playing 'Beer' Pong With Her Daughter

Coco Austin and daughter at Dreamworks Trolls The Experience Opening

Austin's comment section heated up after sharing the video, with many fans calling her out for involving Chanel in the game.

One fan said, "Really, you taught her how to play beer bong? Something is wrong with all the adults in this video!!….. I really, really want CPS to come and get hurt because Yall aint doing it."

Another person commented, "I think the bigger issue is that the child's behavior is now conductive to her mother drinking too. That's not really something to celebrate."

A third Instagram user mentioned, "Ok, this is weird. Why u teaching ur 7 yr old how to play beer pong?

Meanwhile, some other people supported Austin, seeing nothing wrong with her engaging her daughter in the game.

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A fan remarked, "Why? Why? There's nothing wrong with this. You legit are speaking like there's alcohol in these glasses. Like really come on." While another commented, "I saw a mom do this for her kids, but each cup had little prizes for them. It was so cute!"

One more person said, "For yall freaking out that she's playing pong. You know they have this game for kids to play at Dave and Busters right? It's not nearly the crisis some of y'all are making it out to be."

Coco Austin's Mothering Skills Has Been Questioned On Other Occasions

Coco Austin & Ice-T at the 2019 MTV Music Awards

Austin, who shares the 8-year-old with her husband Ice-T, has seen her method of raising Chanel questioned in the past.

Back in December 2022, she was slammed for letting her child "twerk" in front of a camera, and in September of that year, she was trolled for bathing her daughter in the kitchen sink instead of the bathroom. Then, in August 2023, she was roasted for sharing a "weird" kiss with her child while they were taking a swim.

But contrary to what many might think, the swim model believes she has not failed with regard to training her daughter.

In an interview with Page Six, she said that she "knows what's right and wrong" for her daughter and would not put her in harm's way.

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"I'm very, very protective of her, and going after me for these little things while there's war? I'm like, 'Really guys, you're gonna go after me?' Does that even make sense?" Austin said at the time.

Coco Austin's Daughter Walked The Runaway At An Event

Amid the backlash from different corners, Austin hasn't shied away from putting her duaghter under the spotlight.

She let the eight-year-old strut her stuff on the runway for Rookie USA's NYFW charity show last September. Chanel had previously made her debut at the show in 2017 when she was just one year old.

For the 2023 event, Austin and her husband Ice-T supported her daughter in the backstage stage and later in the crowd. The swimsuit model also shared highlights on her Instagram story at the time.

Meanwhile, Chanel donned a variety of outfits, including a black jumpsuit and a casual floral ensemble. She also struck several adorable poses while walking the runway, much to the delight of all the viewers.

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