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Army Veteran Kindly Myers In Tiny Two-Piece Wants To 'Wear A Bikini 24/7'

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By Kristin Myers on January 17, 2024 at 7:30 AM EST

Model Kindly Myers wants to wear a bikini all day, every day, and her 3.5 million Instagram followers would love it if she did!

The Army National Reserve veteran put her bikini body on display at the beach as she jogged barefoot through the sand, teasing her followers with her bouncy display!

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Kindly Myers Says ‘I Would Wear A Bikini 24/7 If I Could’

In an Instagram post captioned, “I would wear a bikini 24/7 if I could,” Kindly began by jogging toward the camera in a drawstring bikini. She runs barefoot through the sand, letting her assets bounce, before she heads into the water. She twirls in the water, letting the waves flow against her legs, as she shows off her fit physique from every angle. The video was set to Selena Gomez’s hit song “Single Soon.”

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“Absolutely gorgeous. I love it when you wear a bikini,” one fan commented. “Just got to find a place where it’s bikini season all year round,” another follower wrote. “I’d like that a lot,” a third fan chimed in. “Yes, bikinis look awesome on you. I love that Baywatch run by the way,” another follower wrote. “This is my favorite video of you ever. So pretty and bouncy,” another fan shared while other followers showered her post with bikini emojis.

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Kindly Myers Is A Vision In A White Double Bra

In another Instagram post, the popular model showed off her street style in downtown Nashville. She wore one white bra stacked on top of another along with high-waisted black leggings that showed off the definition in her legs. She paired the look with strappy black sandals and a black backpack that she let dangle from one hand. Fans who swipe through her carousel are treated to shots of her dog, Swayze, relaxing in her living room.

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“Happy Wednesday, my friends,” Kindly wrote in the caption. “My favorite photo for today, Miss Kindly, is the second photo. Legs crossed? Gorgeous,” one fan commented. “Happy Hump Day, Kindly!” another follower exclaimed. “Absolutely beautiful as always,” a third fan gushed. “And to you as well. Happy Hump Day. And I love your outfit. It looks very sexy on you and I love your cute doggie too,” another follower shared while another fan called her “just gorgeous.”

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Kindly Looks Like A Real-Life Barbie In Her Pink Bodysuit

In another Instagram post captioned “Working hard or hardly working?”, Kindly put her fit figure on display in a pink one-piece bodysuit. Her long hair falls over her shoulders in loose waves, making her outfit look almost strapless. The final slide includes a full-length look at Kindly’s outfit, complete with knee-high pink boots.

“Hot pink,” wrote OnlyFans model Dana Hamm along with three fire emojis. “You look amazing and incredibly lovely. Always captivating and beyond gorgeous. So beautiful,” another follower gushed. “Stunning lady,” a third fan chimed in. “That piece you’re wearing there is one of my favorite ones. It’s so beautiful,” another follower added while another fan called her “so cute.”

Kindly Gives Fans A Rear View In Her Denim Jeans

Kindly has shared a lot of photos from downtown Nashville lately. In another post, she wore a pair of platform heels with denim jeans and a white crop top with sheer panels across the front. She wore her blonde hair straight for this shot, slinging a Louis Vuitton bag over one arm. She paired the look with a pair of aviator sunglasses to complete her outfit.

“Who we are in the present includes who we were in the past,” she wrote in the caption, quoting Mr. Rogers. “So true, gorgeous, so true,” wrote model Jacey Marie. “Good look for you. Absolutely beautiful,” another follower wrote. “The past is something we learn from. The future is something we look forward to. But today is a gift that is why it's called the present,” a third fan chimed in while another follower gushed, “I’m in love.”

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Interested in more Kindly Myers content? In another recent Instagram post, the former soldier posed with model Maya Allegra in tiny string bikinis that did not leave much to the imagination! Fans can check out those steamy bikini snaps by clicking here!

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