Larsa Pippen enjoys a night out with her daughter Sophia Pippen at Craigs Restaurant in West Hollywood CA

Larsa Pippen's Father Makes Her Delete Raunchy Beach Photo

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By Favour Adegoke on January 11, 2024 at 1:30 PM EST

"Real Housewives of Miami" star Larsa Pippen recently shared a viral thirst trap on social media showing her in a two-piece at the beach. But the star quickly took down the image to the shock of her fans.

Now, according to reports, Larsa's decision to delete the photo had less to do with fan backlash and more to do with her father allegedly "disapproving" of the raunchy photo.

It should be noted, she is 49 years old.

Larsa's dad has, in the past, stopped his daughter from doing other sensual things, like when the reality TV star admitted that her father was the reason why she took down her OnlyFans account.

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Larsa Pippen's Father 'Disapproved' Of Her Thirst Trap

Larsa Pippen at Andys Legends Ball BravoCon 2022

Larsa's father seems to still have a strong hold on his adult daughter, especially when it comes to what she can and can not post on social media.

The "RHOM" star swiftly took down a thirst trap photo she shared, where she was seen wearing a black, two-piece bathing suit and sunglasses, with her hair styled up in a messy ponytail. She captioned the image on her Instagram page: "Sunshine on my mind."

Larsa's photo went viral on social media, with fans weighing in with varying opinions. While some thought the star looked good, others felt the image was too revealing.

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After deleting the image, several wondered if it was due to the fan backlash, but according to a report, the reality TV star's father was the reason for her removing the photo. He allegedly reached out to his 49-year-old daughter to express his "disapproval" of the racy photo.

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Larsa Pippen's Dad Made Her Deactivate Her OnlyFans

Larsa Pippen's Striped Pants Accentuate Her Thicc Curves
Instagram | Larsa Pippen

In an interview with Page Six, Larsa opened up about her presence on OnlyFans and why she chose to stop posting as much on the popular platform.

The reality TV star joined the platform in February 2022 and was an active poster on the site. This eventually came to an end when Larsa's father learned of the news of her OnlyFans account and requested that she stop posting. 

"My dad doesn't even know what OnlyFans is," Larsa said at the time. "He just heard about it from someone, and he didn't like it. It's deterred me from going on the app as much as I normally would have. But I love OnlyFans. It's an amazing platform. I think it's great that you can have a real relationship with your fans and your followers."

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The "RHOM" star also told the news outlet that some of her most popular photos on the app were those of her feet. "My foot pics are killing it," Larsa gushed. "I post a lot of photos of my feet on OnlyFans, and people seem to love my feet."

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Larsa Pippen Defends Her Romance With Marcus Jordan

Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan Address Backlash Over Their 16-Year Age Gap: 'Age Is Just A Number'

Larsa is in a relationship with NBA legend Michael Jordan's son, Marcus. The duo's romance has been met with major scrutiny, mainly because of their age gap and speculations that she has known him since he was a child. 

In response to the discussions about their 16-year age gap, the mother of three defended her relationship with Marcus. She addressed the age difference during a chat with E! News, with the "bravolebrity" and her boyfriend, asserting that age should not be a determining factor in the validity of their love.

Larsa claimed that most people in their lives, including friends and family, wholeheartedly approve of and support her romance with Marcus. She also stated that her connection with the 33-year-old goes beyond age and superficial judgments.

"I just feel like we meet somewhere in the middle. Age is just a number, but I think maturity and life experience really dictate the relationship," Marcus said.

Larsa agreed with her beau, saying, "Everything we do, we have in common. We like the same things, we like to go to the same places. I feel like for us, it's very natural to be with each other. I don't really see the age part of it."

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