Famous Carrie Underwood Tribute Truck Was Created to Honor Man's Late Wife

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By TheBlast Staff on November 30, 2017 at 8:20 PM EST

Carrie Underwood has her image plastered all over the world, and now thanks to one dedicated fan, it's also featured on a pickup truck that can be seen driving around Kansas.

Lawrence Young, a 69-year-old geology teacher at Cloud Community College, tells The Blast he wrapped his Chevy Silverado in Underwood's face as a tribute to the singer — but also for his late-wife, Kathi, who passed away in 2010 after complications from Fibromyalgia surgery.

The Underwood truck actually went viral this week after a local Kansan spotted the vehicle and posted a photo to Reddit.

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Young says his wife went into surgery in 2010 and woke up with brain damage so severe that she was bed-ridden with limited speaking ability. He says she spent the remainder of her days at home in Kansas listening to Carrie Underwood music, and it brought the couple even closer.

Young tells The Blast, "When she died, she told me, 'Stick with Carrie's music and it will help you through life.'"

Which is exactly what he did.

After buying his dream truck, a 2017 Silverado, Lawrence thought it was the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the two most important women in his life. He says, "Originally, I took it to a car wrapping place, but I didn't like the way their design looked. So I had my son, who is a graphic designer, design it himself from scratch."

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We're told the entire project cost $2,000 and took 10 days total. Young says he had the company re-wrap the truck four times to ensure it was done perfectly.

Always the dedicated fan, the only music allowed in Young's truck is Carrie Underwood, with Young telling us, "I've never even turned on my radio."

Young says his truck is so popular now, someone even offered him $175,000 for it. Young says the offer was promptly rejected, saying, "I didn't do this for money or attention. I did this as a tribute to Carrie and my wife."

The one thing Young still needs to complete his tribute truck? "My dream is to have Carrie see it in person and autograph the hood."

As for Young's favorite Underwood song? "Church Bells."


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