Was Epstein Victim Forced To Wear Victoria Secret Lingerie For Lex Wexner?

Was Epstein Victim Forced To Wear Victoria Secret Lingerie For Les Wexner?

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By Favour Adegoke on January 9, 2024 at 3:08 PM EST
Updated on January 10, 2024 at 10:43 AM EST

Another batch of court documents related to Jeffrey Epstein has been released, and it reveals more scathing details from one of the late sex offender's victims, claiming she was trafficked to the billionaire Les Wexner.

In the court documents, Virginia Roberts Giuffre stated in an interview that she allegedly forced her to wear lingerie after being trafficked to him. More "powerful business executives," whom Giuffre was allegedly trafficked to, are also revealed in the latest court documents released today.

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Jeffrey Epstein Victim Virginia Giuffre Makes Scathing Allegation Against Les Wexner

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In the latest batch of documents obtained by The Blast, Giuffre states in an interview how she was sex trafficked to billionaire Wexner, the former CEO of Victoria's Secrets.

Giuffre is asked in the interview, "Was Les Wexner one of the powerful business executives that you were trafficked to?" and she replied, "Yes."

She was then asked if Wexner asked her "to wear any particular clothing during your sexual trafficking?" and Giuffre responded, "Yes, I wore lingerie for him."

According to the alleged victim, it wasn't at Wexner's request but was at the request of Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's closest associate, and then-girlfriend, who helped him run his sex trafficking ring for over a decade.

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Leslie Wexner
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In the interview, Giuffre was asked if she was told to specifically wear "baby doll lingerie," and she responded that she was told to wear "all different types of lingerie."

She was asked again, "Was it specifically Victoria's Secret lingerie?" and Giuffre noted, "I didn't write the brand."

Further emphasizing the Victoria's Secret brand, the interviewer inquired, "Have you alleged that you were required to wear Victoria's Secret lingerie for Les Wexner?" Giuffre stated that she has never done so, replying with a "no."

Wexner, a wealthy businessman from New Albany who founded L Brands, a former retail conglomerate that featured well-known brands, including Victoria's Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, and others, was a longtime financial advisor and business associate of Epstein.

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Virginia Giuffre Claims She Had Sex With Another Royal

One of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, right, speaks at a news conference following a hearing where Epstein's alleged victims made statements in Manhattan Federal Court on Aug. 27, 2019, in New York.

Further on in her deposition in the recently unsealed documents, Giuffre revealed that she slept with a second "prince" whose name she did not disclose.

In the 2016 deposition for her lawsuit against Epstein's former lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, Giuffre alleged that she was told to sleep with disgraced royal Prince Andrew but claimed that Epstein also made her have sex with another royal while in France.

"What other world leaders were you sexually trafficked to?" Giuffre was asked. She responded, "Prince Andrew, for one," then added that she was also introduced to a second individual who was described as "a prince."

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The 40-year-old noted that she didn't know the name of this "prince" or what country he came from but recalled that "he did speak [a] foreign tongue," and also "he spoke English well."

Giuffre testified that in 2001 when she was 17 years old, she encountered the alleged royal at a "big party" in the South of France. She said that Epstein and Maxwell, his then-girlfriend who helped him run his sex-trafficking ring, were aware that Giuffre was being trafficked to the "prince" for sex.

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"They were present before the sexual activity, and then I went to have sexual activity with him alone … on the instruction of Epstein and Ghislaine," she stated, per the New York Post.

In the recently unsealed court docs, Giuffre also revealed that she saw ex-President Bill Clinton on the late sex offender's Little St. James island in the Caribbean on two occasions. Clinton has since denied ever going to the infamous island but has admitted to flying on Epstein's jet several times.

Giuffre also claimed she once saw former Vice President Al Gore and his ex-wife Tipper but noted that she wasn't sure if it was on the island or Epstein's New York home.

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