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Alaska Airlines Passengers Share Their POV Of Scary Incident On Social Media

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By Melanie VanDerveer on January 9, 2024 at 12:45 PM EST

Passengers who were aboard Friday's Alaska Airlines flight when chaos struck in mid-flight are speaking out and sharing their stories on social media.

Flight 1282 from Portland, Oregon to Ontario, California had 177 people aboard when a section of the plane's fuselage blew off of the Boeing 737 Max 9s aircraft. The plane was able to make a safe emergency landing in Portland, and many passengers are now sharing their POV of the terrifying event.

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Alaska Airlines Passengers Are Sharing Their Stories On Social Media

Alaska Airlines flight on TikTok
imsocorny - TikTok

Some passengers on the scary flight have shared photos and videos of Friday's incident on social media. TikToker Courtney who goes by the handle, @imsocorny, shared her point of view after the plane fuselage flew off the plane.

"Our plane from Portland to Ontario had to have an emergency landing due to a window bursting mid flight," was written on the video. "Literally the scariest moment of my life."

The caption of her video that's received more than 2.6 million views so far tells more of the story.

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"10 minutes into our flight we heard a loud bang and the oxygen masks dropped down. I was in the front and we had no idea what was happening at first, just that the plane depressurized extremely fast. So thankful for the amazing pilots that were able to safely land us! Alaska airlines has some explaining to do," she wrote.

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Courtney also shared a follow up video with more of the story.

"Here's what happened from my point of view. Thankfully, I was towards the front of the plane and where the whole incident happened was in the back of the plane," she said in her viral update video. "About 10 minutes into takeoff, we were not cruising altitude yet. We were all still in full takeoff mode, seatbelts on, kind of like focus, no one was trying to get up or anything, thank goodness."

It was then that they heard a "loud bang" and a "jolt" and then felt a "whoosh of air."

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"Immediately in the next moment, the oxygen mask came down from the overhead compartment and a flight attendant didn't even need to get overhead for everybody to immediately start putting them on," she continued. "We had no idea what had happened yet. My mind is still thinking maybe this is a joke, but my body is like put that over my head, tighten the straps, look around for children, see if anybody needs help."

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Courtney explained that being in the front of the plane, she had no idea what was actually going on. She thought it was an engine issue and it would be any minute until the plane does a nosedive.  She said the pilots never said anything, and she was totally okay with that so they could focus on their jobs.

"Soon enough, we could feel the plane turning and we could tell that we were going back cause we haven't gotten that far away from the airport, so I was assuming we went back," she said. "But my mind was also, no surprise, in full panic mode."

The plane landed "as smoothly as possible," but it was "so loud." They landed back at the Portland airport and everybody started clapping. That's when people started sharing information of what's happened.

Other Social Media Users Also Shared Their Stories

Alaska Airlines TikTok
Vi Nguyen - TikTok

Another TikTok creator also shared her story in a now viral video that's received more than 23 million views.

Vi Nguyen shared a video that shows what it was like on the plane with oxygen masks on and a hole in the side of the aircraft.

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Many people commented on the situation and her POV in the comment section of the video.

"I already panic in turbulence. I’d have a full blown heart attack," one person wrote. Another added, "Girl are you mentally ok from this I hope!!! My anxiety would have been through the roof!!"

Over on Instagram, Kelly Bartlett shared her story about a 15-year-old named Jack that jumped into the empty seat next to her after the incident occurred.

"Friday night I was on the plane from Portland in which a wall panel blew out fifteen minutes into our flight. We had just passed 10,000 feet when there was a loud boom and the plane filled with wind and noise and the oxygen masks dropped. Three rows behind me was a hole in the side of the plane," she began her caption.

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"There was chaos for a couple of minutes while everyone grabbed their masks and the people in the row of the missing wall found new seats on the other side of the plane. There was one open seat next to me, and a 15-year-old kid jumped over me, sat down, and grabbed the mask. He had no shirt on because it had been sucked off when the panel blew. He had been sitting in the middle seat of the fated row. His mom was in the aisle seat, and thankfully, no one was in the window seat."

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Because of the noise on the plane, she used the notes app on her phone to communicate with the teen. He used hand gestures to let her know he's okay, but she could see redness on his skin from what she assumed was windburn.

"Jack kept asking about his mom, and I just tried to reassure him that she was in a different seat, probably farther up front," her caption continued. "They were reunited when we landed."

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