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Prince Andrew Reportedly 'Vows' To Resist Any Attempt To Kick Him Out Of His 'Royal Mansion'

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By Favour Adegoke on January 7, 2024 at 5:35 PM EST

The Duke of York Prince Andrew has reportedly refused to leave Royal Lodge, rejecting King Charles' plan to move him to Frogmore Cottage.

Andrew faces intensified scrutiny over court documents exposing his ties to Jeffrey Epstein. Reports suggest King Charles will distance himself from his brother by stopping security funding for the Royal Lodge.

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Prince Andrew Is 'Going Nowhere' As He Fights Off Attempts To Relocate Him

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew at Royal Ascot 2019

According to reports, Prince Andrew has "vowed to refuse" any attempt to oust him from his Royal Lodge residence amid resurfaced sexual assault allegations due to his association with late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Despite King Charles allegedly seeking to relocate his younger brother from his ten-bedroom Windsor home to Frogmore Cotta,ge which formerly belonged to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, The Duke of York is determined to stay, citing a robust lease agreement.

Per The Mirror, sources close to Andrew claim he won't yield to pressure, stating, "Andrew is going nowhere. The King can't force him out. He has a cast iron lease that he has absolutely every intention of honoring."

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King Charles Reportedly Determined To Address The 'Andrew Problem'

08-06-2019 England The ceremony of the Trooping the Colour, marking the monarch's official birthday, in London. Queen Elizabeth II Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales Prince Andrew Britain's Princess Beatrice of York Britain's Princess Anne, Princess Royal, Queen Elizabeth II Princess Eugenie of York Lady Louise Windsor, Prince Andrew, Duke of York Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Despite Andrew vehemently denying all accusations against him, recent court documents revisiting his ties to Epstein have intensified scrutiny. The allegations laid against the duke include acts of sexual abuse and participation in an "underage orgy."

According to sources who spoke to Daily Mail, King Charles sees the new allegations as an opportunity to definitively address the "Andrew problem."

Per the insider, plans to relocate Prince Andrew from the Royal Lodge were already underway, aligning with his "downgraded" status. The King, reportedly strengthened in resolve by the court revelations, is expected to intensify efforts to end any potential royal duties for his brother.

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Queen Elizabeth Prince Andrew
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The source added: "When it comes to any public role for his brother, there is no way back. There has always been an agreement that Andrew would be permitted to attend private and family events, as is his right. But not public or official ones. That has not changed."

Per reports from The Telegraph, King Charles is also making arrangements to cease covering his younger brother's home security expenses at the Royal Lodge. This implies that if Andrew wishes to retain residence in the 30-room mansion within Windsor Great Park, he will be required to personally finance the substantial costs associated with security, which runs into millions of pounds.

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The Duke's Involvement In Jeffrey Epstein's Sexual Assault Allegations Scrutinized Closely

Prince Andrew at Prince Philip's Memorial Service

Reports of Andrew facing potential eviction coincide with the revelation that the lawyers of Ghislaine Maxwell, the convicted sex trafficker, were directed to search her electronic devices for any mention of the Prince and specific terms like "sex toy" and "erotic."

Legal documents from a 2015 defamation case against Maxwell, initiated by Andrew's accuser Virginia Giuffre, disclosed the embarrassing details of the search.

The extensive list of searched terms included various keywords such as "Prince," "Andrew," "Duke," "York," "Royal, " "underage," "massage," "slave," "sex," "nipple," and "dildo" related to Andrew, Epstein and their associates.

Although the case was settled before reaching court, the outcome of Maxwell's search, which was termed "a wild goose chase," remains undisclosed.

Attorney Urges Prince Andrew To Testify Under Oath And 'Answer For His Role In All This'

Prince Andrew attends a memorial service at St Georges Chapel Windsor while all the other Royals attend the Commonwealth service at Westminster Abbey. Strictly one time use only subject to agreement with News Licensing.

Following the release of the court documents, an attorney representing several of Epstein's victims, Spencer Kuvin, has emphasized the urgency for Prince Andrew to testify under oath regarding his involvement in the Epstein abuse scandal.

According to The Guardian, Kuvin contends that a legal obligation to tell the truth, coupled with the threat of perjury charges and potential imprisonment, is essential for an accurate account.

Stressing the inadequacy of previous public interviews, Kuvin said, "I know Andrew has given an interview to the public and the media. It was a disastrous interview that went horribly for him. But he needs to answer for what is now coming out and … his role in all of this."

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He emphasized that the Duke of York needs to "set the record straight," adding: "He needs to do it, not in a TV press interview, but under oath, under penalty of perjury, with all the trappings of the law whether it be in London or the US."

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