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Sassy Seniors and Viral Videos: The TikTok Granfluencer Takeover is Real

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By Melanie VanDerveer on January 6, 2024 at 4:00 PM EST

Move over young people, it's time for the seniors to shine!

While TikTok may have appealed more to the younger generation for years, it's slowly becoming more and more a granfluencer's paradise. The older generation is finding success on the app with millions of followers, viral videos and online fame.

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The Trend Of Online Granfluencers Is Taking Over TikTok

Iris Apfel
Iris Apfel - TikTok

More and more seniors are finding their way onto TikTok to become creators. Many of them gain a loyal following and many of their videos go viral.

Iris Apfel is know to her followers as a fashionista. The former interior designer has a personality that is matched by her stylish appearance. In one video, she shares some advice about aging.

"Get old, but don't get boring," she said. "I'm Iris Apfel, the world's oldest living teenager."

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Her pinned video showing her sassy side is still going strong received nearly 5 million views and has thousands of positive comments.

Another viral senior TikToker, Grandma Dronick, commented, "I want to be friends with her."

One viewer shared, "I have made another Iris to rock this world! She is 8 months now…fierce, and never boring (yes we named her after you ?)."

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Grandma Dronick Shares Her Spunky Attitude On TikTok

Grandma Droniak
Grandma Droniak - TikTok

Grandma Droniak has been sharing her life and death rules and dating experiences on the app since late 2019. Her very first video went viral with 2.6 million views. Every single one of her videos gets millions of views. She even has one video that got more than 104 million views!

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Grandma Droniak has shared her wishes for her funeral, emphasizing that her enemy Bertha is not allowed. Her fans hopped into the comments to ensure her that they will kick Bertha to the curb if she dares to show up.

"Me at the door asking for ids to make sure that Bertha doesn’t get in?," one viewer wrote. Another added, "Watch the door for Bertha ???."

She's also shared dating tips, things she wants to be buried with, and memories of her late husband with her 12.7 million loyal followers.

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The Old Gays Are Living It Up!

Old Gays on TikTok
Old Gays - TikTok

The Old Gays entertain people young and old with their fun content. They currently have 11 million followers, and their videos go viral more often than not.

These four fun-loving gay guys steal the hearts of many with their humor, inspirational stories and dance moves. They even have a book out called, "The Old Gays Guide to the Good Life: Lessons Learned About Love and Death, Sex and Sin, and Saving the Best for Last."

One of their pinned videos is of them rocking the "Wednesday" dance.  It received more than 111 million views!

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"Well that wasn’t expected but good job! Haha," one follower wrote. Another said, "This is the best thing I’ve ever seen."

Another video introduces them to anyone new to their page. Captioned, "We’re here ?‍♂️ we’re queer ?️‍? and near death ? so get us while we’re hot ? and alive," the video shares some info about each guy in a fun way.

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"I would LOVE to have those pretty flowers in my garden ❤️," one viewer wrote. "I never really had grandparents. can u adopt please," said another.

Grandma Great Shares Motivation And Inspirational Messages

Grandma Great
Grandma Great - TikTok

Having a rough day? Grandma Great can help! She's full of inspirational, motivational and supportive words of wisdom and loves to share them with her more than 3 million followers.

In one pinned video, Grandma Great thanks her viewers for stopping by and shares some of her wisdom.

"Thank you for stopping by, thank you, because I want to share something with you that I think will help you," she said. "No amount of worry will change the future. And no amount of regret will change the past. We just spend too much time worrying about the future and regretting the past. Stay in the present moment because there is peace there in the present moment. And I love you."

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"For some reason this made me cry ?," one viewer wrote in the comments. Another added, "I’m glad I stop bye thank you for those words of encouragement is sweet soul❤️."

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"Did Your Mother Ever Tell You" About Babs?

Barbara "Babs" Costello
Brunch with Babs - TikTok

Babs knows all and she's willing to share it with her followers! Barbara "Babs" Costello has tips for days - from party hacks to cooking tips to holiday ideas and more. Known for saying the phrase, "Did your mother ever tell you..." Babs shares helpful tips for every season and every reason, and her followers just love it.

"Have a zipper that's stuck shut?" she said in one video, before showing a helpful tip to get that zipper unstuck!

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Walgreens dropped into the comment section to say, "Our mother ?." Other viewers said things like, "Your the New Martha Stewart❤️," "Oh Babs… You’re a wealth???," and "Babs needs protected at all cost! She’s just a pure soul! ?"

In another viral video, Babs shares some do's and don'ts of airplane etiquette.

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One person shared, "Who else just learned that headrest flaps were adjustable ?" and another said, "They should play this BEFORE the safety video ?."

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