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Glenn Dubin's Ex-Chef Recalls 'Visibly Shaken' 15-Year-Old's Account Of Jeffrey Epstein

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By Favour Adegoke on January 6, 2024 at 4:20 PM EST

With new Jeffrey Epstein documents being released to the public, more harrowing details of the events that occurred on the late financier's island have been revealed.

In the recent documents, Rinaldo Rizzo, a former employee of billionaire Glenn Dubin, shared a chilling encounter he had with a 15-year-old girl at the time, who was allegedly "asked for sex" and threatened by Ghislane Maxwell, Epstein's close friend and associate.

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Rinaldo Rizzo Shares Shocking Encounter With 15-Year-Old Jeffrey Epstein Victim

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In his deposition, Rizzo claimed that the 15-year-old girl was brought to the home of Glenn and Eva Dubin by Maxwell. The residence mentioned is where he worked for the Dubins as a "household manager/chef" and where he claims his encounter with the "visibly shaken" minor took place.

He detailed his conversation with the girl and how she claimed that she was "asked for sex" and "threatened" by Maxwell, Epstein's then-girlfriend. According to Rizzo, Mrs. Dubin accompanied her into the kitchen of her home and instructed her to sit down.

While describing the then-teenager, Rizzo said, "She was very attractive, had makeup on, and was casually dressed. She seemed upset, possibly distraught and was shaking. She sat down with her head down, appearing very nervous."

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He further emphasized that she was "quivering, visibly shaken."

The interviewer asked Rizzo, "What occurred after the girl entered the kitchen?" he replied, "My wife and I were preparing a meal in the kitchen. Eva brought the young girl into the kitchen and instructed her to sit on a barstool. We tried to engage her in conversation, but she didn't respond much."

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The 15-Year-old Was 'Asked For Sex' And Ghislaine Maxwell Took Away Her Passport

Pictured: Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein relax at Queens Balmoral log cabin in newly-released photo

Rizzo went into more detail about his encounter with the girl, revealing that the then-15-year-old said she worked for Jeffrey Epstein as his "executive assistant, responsible for scheduling his appointments."

The private chef said that when she told them how old she was, she "broke down hysterically."

Rizzo recounted, "In a state of shock, she began to share her story. She mentioned that she had been on an island with Ghislaine and Sarah, and they had asked her for sex, to which she had said no."

He added, "She was rambling, explaining how she had been on the island and then ended up where she was, not knowing how. She mentioned her passport being taken by Ghislaine and Sarah, and she felt threatened by Ghislaine not to discuss the situation."

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According to Rizzo, she shared that she had no idea how she ended up at the Dubins' home and that she hadn't contacted her parents since being on Epstein's island.

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After being asked if the girl mentioned any specific threats, Rizzo said, "Yes, she mentioned being threatened by Jeffrey and Ghislaine not to discuss the situation, particularly regarding the word 'sex.'"

Rizzo revealed that shortly after his chilling encounter with her that he saw her again on a flight to Sweden a month later, along with the Dubin family.

Further in his deposition, Rizzo noted that she did not specify who had asked her for sex. "No, she didn't specify, but she mentioned that 'they' had asked for sex and included Ghislaine and Sarah in the conversation."

The chef revealed in his deposition that he resigned from his job in October 2005 because he and his wife "couldn't deal with these incidents, particularly the last one."

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Unfortunately, it's suspected that the girl Rizzo was referring in his shocking account could have been the young lady who died in 2023 at the age of 36 from an "accidental overdose" after helping ensure that Maxwell was convicted and sentenced to prison by giving a testimony of her experience at the hands of Maxwell and Epstein.

Glenn Dubin Was Accused Of Being A Friend Of Epstein, Who Young Girls Were Told To Sleep With

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In the past, the hedge fund billionaire was slammed by one of Epstein's victims, Virginia Giuffre, for his association with the late sex offender.

Giuffre reportedly once said, per The Telegraph, "I'm telling you that Ghislaine told me to go to Glenn Dubin and give him a massage, which means sex."

The billionaire and his wife have since denied the accusations, claiming that they had no idea of Epstein's "vile and unspeakable conduct."

"The Dubins strongly deny these allegations, as we first said in 2019, when these unsubstantiated statements first surfaced as part of this same civil court proceeding," a spokesperson for the couple told the New York Post after the release of the scandalous court documents.

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