Jeffrey Epstein's Housekeeper Names Prince Andrew's Wife Sarah Ferguson And Talks 'Towels And Toys'

Jeffrey Epstein's Housekeeper Names Sarah Ferguson And Talks 'Towels And Toys'

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By Favour Adegoke on January 6, 2024 at 1:00 PM EST
Updated on January 7, 2024 at 11:58 AM EST

Prince Andrew's wife, Sarah Ferguson, has been named in the latest Jeffrey Epstein documents released. According to the late sex offender's housekeeper, Juan Alessi, The Duke and Duchess of York were both "friends" of Epstein and his close associate, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Prior to Sarah's being named, her ex-husband, Andrew, had already been established to be associated with Epstein and Maxwell. He was embroiled in a legal battle with one of the late financier's victims, Virginia Giuffre, which has been settled privately.

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Jeffrey Epstein's Housekeeper Says Sarah Ferguson Visited The Palm Beach Home

Duchess of York Sarah FERGUSON at Europe 1 radio studios

The Duchess of York has been name-dropped in the scandalous Epstein files released recently and obtained by The Blast.

According to the late financier's housekeeper, Alessi, he saw Sarah and her ex-husband, Andrew, at Epstein's home in Palm Beach.

When questioned by a lawyer under oath on whether Sarah and Andrew were friends of Maxwell, Alessi claimed that they were pals with Maxwell and Epstein.

The lawyer asked if the former couple ever had "massages when they were there?"

Alessi replied. "Prince Andrew did. I think Sarah was there only once and for a short time. I don't think she slept in there. I cannot remember. I think she was visiting Wellington and she came to the house and we met her. But Prince Andrew, yes, Prince Andrew spent weeks with us."

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"Where would he sleep?" the lawyer asked Alessi about Andrew, to which he responded, "In the main room, the main guest bedroom. That was the blue room."

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Prince Andrew attends a memorial service at St Georges Chapel Windsor while all the other Royals attend the Commonwealth service at Westminster Abbey. Strictly one time use only subject to agreement with News Licensing.
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The lawyer then stated, "And, so, when he would come and stay, during that time would he frequently have massages?" Alessi responded, "I would say, daily massages."

Further on in the interview, the housekeeper was asked if Andrew's massages happened more than once a day, and he replied, "I can't remember if he had more than one, but I think it was just a massage for him. We set up the tables and..."

The lawyer questioning Alessi interjected: "Do you have any recollection of [Virginia Giuffre] coming to the house when Prince Andrew was there?" and the housekeeper replied: "It could have been, but I'm not sure."

Although Sarah and Prince Andrew have long been divorced, the duo remains in close contact and lives in the same home, the Royal Lodge at Windsor.

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Jeffrey Epstein's Housekeeper Reveals Guests Used 40 To 50 Towels A Day


In the housekeeper's interview, he gave some insight into the luxurious massage treatment Epstein's guests were given whenever they visited his mansion.

Alessi was asked, "You said that you set up the massage tables. And would you also set up the oils and the towels?" he replied, "Yes, ma'am."

He also noted that they would use up to "40 or 50 towels" daily, stating: "That's correct. There was a tremendous amount of work in the house, especially laundry towels, because they were -- we have towels, piles of towels. And they use [it] in the pool."

Alessi continued, "There was a lot of people in the pool, and there [was] a towel that went in the floor, we have to go and pick it up, wash it. So it was --it was a lot of towels, yes."

Juan Alessi Found 'Vibrators' And 'Costumes' In The Main Bedroom

Pictured: Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein relax at Queens Balmoral log cabin in newly-released photo

Epstien's housekeeper was further questioned about sex toys, with the lawyer inquiring if he ever found a "vibrator" on the floor whenever he went upstairs to clean the main room, to which he replied in the affirmative.

Alessi was then asked to describe the kinds of "vibrators" he found. He said, "I'm not familiar -- not too familiar with the names, but they were big dildos, what they call the big rubber things like that (indicating). And I used to go and put my gloves on and pick them up, put them in that sink, rinse it off, and put it in Ms. Maxwell -- Ms. Maxwell had in her closet, she had, like, a laundry basket, one of those laundry basket that you put laundry in."

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He continued, "She [has] full of those toys. And that was -- and that was me being professional, leaving the room ready for bed when he would come back to the room again."

Alessi confirmed that he found no other kind of "sex toys" in the room but that Maxwell had a basket in which she placed "videos" and "costumes."

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