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By TheBlast Staff on December 8, 2017 at 3:32 AM EST

Present buying can be the absolute worst. Every holiday season most of us end up crumbling under the crippling pressure of finding the perfect gift.

Maybe that's just us.

Anyway, here are 8 things that will win you all sorts of holiday accolades from the celebrity lovers in your life!

The Patch Pocket Shirt by Victoria Beckham, $1060

Ok, so it's over a thousand bucks but hear us out, maybe Santa's budget is huge this year? Plus, Posh actually wore the exact look.

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Galvanized Container Candle by Hearth & Handâ„¢ with Magnolia, $19.99

Have your gift recipient shouting "holy shiplap" when they unwrap this Chip and Jo Jo approved candle. A candle is a safe option but they can be totally lame. Fear not, however, this one looks like it came right out of a house on "Fixer Upper."

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Onesie for Kids from Rags, $40ish

If you're "just buying for the kids" but mom and dad are hip on pop culture, some clothes from Rags are the way to go. They're a fave of country star Thomas Rhett Atkins, the papa of one of the cutest celeb families of 2017. Bonus for busy parents: the "patent-pending neckline, that makes it very easy to pull on and off, no buttons, no snaps."


Pink Sequin Clutch by Tracee Ellis Ross, $19

Fans of Tracee, fans of fun and really, fans of life will be elated to receive this brightly colored clutch. They'll probably coordinate their whole NYE look around it. It also comes in gold and black but we think the pink is what Tracee would use.

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JC Penney

Workout Clothes by TOMMYXGIGI, $69.50-$99.50

Pretty much everyone is going to get in on the #NewYearNewYou trend come January (at least for a month or two). Get them started with uber trendy workout gear that's good enough for a supermodel.

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Stretchy Velvet Pencil Skirt by Serena Williams, $59.90

Give someone the gift of being totally on trend with something made from the material of the moment. The stretch velvet skirt by the ultra-fashionable Serena Williams is something your gift recipient can wear during the holidays and beyond. Plus, the stretchy fabric gives you some wiggle room with the size.

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Serena Williams/HSN

Cozy Sweater by Melissa McCarthy, $129

Baby, it's cold outside and this sweater will warm anyone right up. Melissa McCarthy's line with Seven is chock full of holiday-appropriate gift ideas but a cozy sweater is ideal to combat the winter chill. This grey and silver version is loose-fitting so you don't really have to worry about the perfect fit and it comes in sizes OX-4X.

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Melissa McCarthy

Wine from Outlander, $25

Wine is a no-brainer gift. Unless the person you're buying it for is sober or preggers, it's a go-to option. Instead of the regular old bottle of red or white, this collection of Outlander themed ones are so unique. With options like La Dame Blanche and Red Jamie, any Outlander fan will swoon.

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Lot 18


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