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Alleged Iowa School Shooter Shared A TikTok Clip Before The Attack: 'Now We Wait'

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By Favour Adegoke on January 5, 2024 at 9:48 AM EST

Iowa's Perry High Schoolshooting suspect seemingly hinted at his act in a video in the early hours prior to the incident.

A video of him in the bathroom of his school has emerged, where he could be seen bobbing along to a song with disturbing lyrics. The caption across the video also suggested that his actions were premeditated.

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Iowa'a Perry High School Shooter’s Video Hinted At His Disturbing Act

Dylan Butler, the alleged perpetrator of the Iowa school shooting, reportedly recorded a video of himself prior to the tragic event and shared it on TikTok, according to information from Yahoo.

The unsettling video, apparently filmed in a school bathroom at Perry High School, featured the 17-year-old clad in grey sweats, visibly immersed in the song "Stray Bullet" by KMFDM.

Against the backdrop of this music, the lyrics hinted at a disturbing premeditation of what was to unfold later on.

“I am your holy totem, I am your sick taboo, radical and radiant, Im your nightmare coming true,” read the song lyrics. Butler also added a disturbing caption across the screen of the video that read, “now we wait.”

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How Iowa's Perry High School Shooting Incident Happened

Around 7:37 a.m. central time, Butler allegedly opened fire on individuals on the school premises. As a result, a sixth grader died, and five others were found hurt when officers arrived on the scene less than seven minutes later.

Among those injured was the school principal, who had dedicated 25 years to the administrative role. The suspected shooter was also discovered with a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the scene and was armed with a pump-action shotgun and a small-caliber handgun.

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Emergency responders transported four surviving victims to hospitals in Des Moines, with one individual in critical condition but with injuries not deemed life-threatening and the other four in stable condition.

The motive behind Butler's actions remains unclear. However, Dallas County Sheriff Adam Infante confirmed that the absence of a lot of students during the incident was due to it occurring in the early hours of the first day of resumption of winter classes, reportedly aiding in reducing the number of fatalities.

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Investigations Are Currently Ongoing In The Iowa Shooting

In the meantime, an investigation into this tragedy is currently ongoing. According to reports, this will be handled as a collaboration between the FBI and the criminal investigation division of the local police.

“Agents from the FBI Omaha Des Moines resident agency are on the scene.” read a statement from the FBI. “We are assisting the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, which is the lead investigative agency.”

Additionally, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) posted on social media that the “ATF has responded to the Active Shooter at Perry High School in Perry, Iowa."

Furthermore, President Joe Biden is staying informed about the ongoing situation surrounding the high school shooting in Perry, Iowa, according to a White House official who communicated with CNN.   The official stated that senior White House staff members have established contact with the office of Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds to stay updated on the latest developments in the incident.

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Parents Of Students Recall The Distressing Incident


In the wake of the Perry High School shooting, parent Kevin Shelley told the publication that his 15-year-old son experienced the trauma of being grazed by a bullet in the back and arm before seeking refuge in a classroom.

Recalling the harrowing incident, Shelley shared,  “My son was inside, said he heard gunshots and immediately started running. They got into a classroom with a teacher that kept them hidden and safe.” The local outlet later reported that Shelley’s son has been reunited with his father outside the school and is recovering at home.

High school senior Ava Augustus also recalled the relieving moment when they discovered that the shooting was over.

“We hear ‘He’s down. You can go out,’” Augustus shared. ”And I run, and you can just see glass everywhere, blood on the floor. I get to my car, and they’re taking a girl out of the auditorium who had been shot in her leg.

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