Savannah Chrisley and father Todd Chrisley.

Savannah Chrisley Says 'Federal Institutions Cannot Guarantee' Her Dad's Safety

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By Afouda Bamidele on January 5, 2024 at 9:00 AM EST

The fight for prison reforms continues with Savannah Chrisley dropping terrifying allegations against her father's prison facility.

The daughter of Todd & Julie Chrisley has been vocal about her parents' suffering behind bars since their joint 19-year conviction. However, speaking out against the system has only increased her loved ones' pain.

Savannah recently claimed her father has been suffering the consequences of his latest bombshell interview about the Pensacola Federal Prison Camp and may even be transferred to another facility.

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Savannah Chrisley Is Heartbroken Over The Alleged 'Retaliation' Against Her Father

The drama began when Todd opened up about the horrible living conditions he and his fellow inmates have endured in prison. Shortly after the interview, his daughter virtually appeared on the news show to reveal the consequences of his actions.

Savannah caught the outlet's attention through an Instagram post, slamming the warden at her father's prison. She claimed the prison head was trying to ship Todd to another facility for the interview because they believed he was "inciting a riot" and a risk to "Institutional Safety."

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Savannah Chrisley attend the 2017 CMT Music Awards in Nashville
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When asked about her comments, the "Chrisley Knows Best" star confirmed the severity of her father's situation at the Pensacola Federal Prison Camp. In her words:

"The retaliation is real. It is heartbreaking for me to watch as his daughter, but they have even gone to the extent of stating that they will try to ship him to a state facility because our federal institutions cannot guarantee his safety."

She explained to host Chris Cuomo on the NewsNation show "Cuomo" that people working inside the prison facility were feeding her information about her father's situation and the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP). She stressed that these revelations "should scare the warden and the BOP."

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"The BOP has called me a liar numerous times, but I have all the information to back it up," Savannah confidently declared and then added, "And these letters, I mean, I even have recordings of them speaking about shipping my father."

According to her sources, prison heads could not ship Todd off to another facility unless they found him in "violation" of their rules. They allegedly plan a nefarious scheme to get the Chrisley patriarch thrown out to achieve their goals. Savannah said:

"So I've heard they're going to the extent of planting cell phones, drugs, going through his lockers so that they can send him to a facility and truly behind bars."

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Savannah Chrisley Claims Crimes Like Her Parents' Do Not Require Incarceration

During her interview, Savannah noted her fight for prison reforms may have started over her parents' incarceration, but she is genuinely passionate about helping other inmates get a second chance.

"Today, I was accused of being a 'Democratic socialist,' and you look at it and you laugh, and my response was: 'Why? Because of my love for criminal justice and to give these men a second chance?'" Savannah recalled.

She also slammed the prison system for wasting money, noting that those who are incarcerated for white-collar crimes, like her parents, differed from typical cases. According to her, a 2023 report showed "13,000 men were sent home on home confinement," and only 22 of these men became re-offenders.

"So clearly, it works. Why are we housing these men and wasting taxpayer's dollars?" Savannah argued. "We've already wasted a hundred and forty million dollars on housing these men in prison when they should have gotten out six months to a year ago." 

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Savannah Chrisley Previously Accused Prison Guards Of Targeting Her Father

Todd Chrisley goes shopping at The Grove in Hollywood

The alleged retaliation against Todd isn't Savannah's first claim about her father's mistreatment. Last November, the former beauty pageant competitor shed light on what she described as a concerning situation within the prison walls.

"It's been really tough [for them] since I started speaking out about everything. That's been the toughest part. More so for Dad. There's been a lot of retaliation, so we have to worry [about him]," she explained in an interview.

Savannah opened up about Todd's suffering, accusing the prison's guards of discussing the possibility of depleting her father's commissary account, a move she saw as a harsher form of retaliation.

The problems didn't end there, as Todd was allegedly denied non-recorded phone calls with his lawyers. While her mother was spared from the same treatment in her prison facility, the TV personality noted Julie faced different hardships.

According to Savannah, her mother endured deplorable living conditions behind bars, and male guards at the facility had allegedly been mistreating some female inmates.

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