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Olivia Dunne Says Her Boyfriend Paul Skenes Has '2 Girlfriends'

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By Alisan Duran on January 4, 2024 at 3:45 PM EST

Olivia Dunne recently shared a surprising revelation about her relationship with MLB boyfriend Paul Skenes, disclosing that she's not the sole romantic partner in his life!

This unexpected admission was made through an Instagram post where Dunne opened up about the dynamics of their relationship.

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Is There Another Girl In Paul Skenes' Life?

Dunne posted a video showcasing her gymnastics skills along with photos, accompanied by the text, "My boyfriend has two girlfriends."

The caption, "Choose your fighter!" suggests a hint of tension, indicating that the 21-year-old athlete and SI Swimsuit model might not be entirely pleased with Skenes' romantic situation and is subtly urging him to choose between the two women rather than pursuing both.

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Olivia Dunne and Paul Skenes pose for a picture in New York City.
Instagram Stories | Paul Skenes

Juggling two careers comes with its own advantages, and Dunne seems to navigate both seamlessly. Immersed in gymnastics training, she exudes strength as an athlete. However, on social media, her fashion-forward persona captivates users. With a clever in-video caption, "My boyfriend has 2 girlfriends," she showcases her favorite shots from the SI Swimsuit issue, revealing her social media alter ego.

In a recent interview with People, Skenes opened up about the challenges of dating a social media star, emphasizing the constant scrutiny by paparazzi, making it occasionally challenging for the couple to maintain a sense of normalcy.

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What It's Like Dating Olivia Dunne

When some men called out, "We want Livvy" at the University of Utah, the MLB number one draft pick, who was selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates and became the third overall prospect in baseball, was not present. However, months later, when he officially confirmed their relationship, Skenes acknowledged that media attention "can be a pain in the butt sometimes."

Despite the challenges, the couple are making efforts to navigate through their public and private lives. Through ups and downs, the couple has stood by each other.

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Fans React

Making assumptions about a relationship based solely on social media posts can be risky. While Dunne's statement might be genuine, it could also be a playful participation in a trend or a form of humor. The nuances of social media make it challenging to accurately interpret such situations.

As is customary with many of Dunne's posts, her fans inundated the comments section with messages.

"He has the best of both worlds!" one person wrote about Skenes, while another noted, "It is very impressive to have both gymnastics specially at college level and the modeling career as well."

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The third user commented, "I like how most girls do this trend with a good looking video of themselves and then a bad looking video of themselves to kind make fun of themselves but bc you're incapable of that you just threw up two videos where you look good."

A different Instagrammer told Dunne, "If you were my gf, you would be my only one."

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