NFL Player Tyreek Hill’s Home Goes Up In Flames, Firefighters Battle Massive Fire

NFL Star Tyreek Hill Cause Of Home Fire Revealed

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By Afouda Bamidele on January 4, 2024 at 2:05 PM EST

Officials have finally solved the mystery behind the fire that erupted at Tyreek Hill's upscale South Florida home…but it sparks more questions than answers.

The latest update in the Miami Dolphins player's case comes a day after his million-dollar mansion went up in flames on Wednesday, January 3. Fortunately, the tragic incident did not leave any victims, as the athlete and his wife were not at home.

Although the spouses were absent, someone unexpected was in their residence at the time of the fire, and this person is to blame per Florida's Davie Fire Department.

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Officials Claim A Young Child Started The Fire At Tyreek Hill's Mansion

A spokesperson for the fire department recently opened up about what started the burning inferno in Hill's Southwest Ranches home. According to the source, investigators believe a young child inside one of the mansion's bedrooms had caused the fire.

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Aerial images show fire damage at NFL star Tyreek Hill's $7 million Florida mansion.
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The child, whose identity remains a mystery, caused the incident while playing with a lighter. However, it is unclear how the youngster started the blaze — a question that may never be answered given the lack of further investigations.

The rep for the Davie Fire Department confirmed officials will not be pursuing the matter as they have formally identified the child's actions as “accidental.” The mysteries continue with no clear answer as to whether the young culprit is related to Hill and if he was at home alone.

As stated, there are no reported victims of the accidental fire thanks to firefighters’ swift response. Per TMZ, the rescue team arrived at the scene around 1:50 PM ET and successfully thwarted the flames with a water hose.

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As for Hill's reaction amid the unfortunate crisis, his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, confirmed he remains positive in the disheartening situation. In the media personality's words:

“It is very difficult for anybody, obviously, to have your home catch on fire, but Hill was handling it with as much poise as you can hope.”

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Tyreek Hill and His Wife Watched Their Florida Home Burn

Before Hill's agent spoke about his client's feelings, the NFL star was captured outside his still-burning mansion with his wife, Keeta Vaccaro. The couple looked visibly shaken by the event unfolding in a video shared on X.

Hill seemed to lament his bad odds, exasperatedly removing his hands from the pockets of his black joggers, telling his wife something before pointing at his left leg. His foot was wrapped in a protective walking boot because of an ankle injury.

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His injured leg plus his burning mansion seemed to upset the 29-year-old, who at one point ignored his wife's comforting hand to walk around, trying to calm down as he helplessly watched his home burn. Hill and Vaccaro arrived at the scene while firefighters were still battling the burning inferno.

Naturally, the Miami Dolphins player's reaction to the unfortunate event did not escape fans, who shared mixed reactions to the video on X. “He’s clearly pi–ed he can’t do anything,” someone claimed. Another believed Hill's anger was directed at his wife, tweeting: “He’s mad at her though.”

Meanwhile, a few conspiracy theorists blamed the incident on the athlete's legal problems. One individual wrote: “With all the allegations he’s going through, this seems kinda sus.” A fellow supporter echoed similar sentiments, writing: “That’s when your baby mommas connected on that action.”

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Tyreek Hill Slammed With Two Paternity Suits About Child Support

Before his home went up in flames, Hill was called out by two different women for child support payments. These plaintiffs filed paternity lawsuits against him, claiming he fathered their children and needed to pay for their well-being.

The first woman, Brittany Lackner, filed her petition in January 2023, revealing that a prenatal paternity test had shown Hill was the father of her baby “with greater than 99.9% probability.”

After her son, Soul Corazon Hill, was born, she submitted another document alleging the athlete refused to pay $2,500 a month in child support unless a second DNA test was performed.

NFL's Tyreek Hill Slapped With Two Lawsuits Demanding Child Support
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The filing described Lackner as “unemployed, has no income, and is on Medicaid with no means of support.” Given her poor financial status, the woman believed Hill should provide for their son but not with a “woefully inadequate amount” of $2,500 given his $30M salary with the Miami Dolphins.

The second woman, Kimberly Kaylee Baker, shared similar sentiments in her filing. She came forward in May 2023, revealing she hooked up with Hill in August 2022 and welcomed their daughter, Trae Love Hill.

Baker stated that a paternity test would prove Hill was the father of her daughter, whom he had reportedly been supporting with $2,500 monthly in child support. However, the mother claimed this amount wasn't adequate as she spent nearly $10,000 on the duo’s daughter.

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