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School Shooting At Iowa's Perry High School Leaves Multiple Injured

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By Favour Adegoke on January 4, 2024 at 12:20 PM EST
Updated on January 4, 2024 at 12:54 PM EST

A shocking shooting incident at Perry High School has left multiple with injuries and the alleged shooter dead. The shooter's identity was confirmed by Dallas County Sheriff Adam Infante, withholding further details.

According to reports, the attack left three people severely injured, including an administrator and two students. As of now, the total number of victims from the shooting has yet to be confirmed.

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The Perry High School Shooter Is Reportedly Dead

A tragic incident recently unfolded at the Perry High School where the shooter has been reported dead, according to law enforcement sources.

Initial reports from a first responder suggested a "male subject down in the hallway — appears to be self-inflicted," with indications of other victims.

The responder confirmed the subject's demise. Dallas County Sheriff Adam Infante, while speaking on the shooter's identification, withheld further details on their condition, promising more information in a subsequent update.

The sheriff added that there were "very few students and faculty" during the incident, "which contributed to a good outcome in that sense."

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He noted that there is no longer any threat to the small community and that they have identified the shooter, who is suspected to be a student of the high school.

"The community is safe. We are now working backwards, to see what happened," the sheriff noted.

Today marked the first day back for the 1,785 students enrolled in the Perry Community School District following their winter break. Right now, per the Daily Mail, the high school is on lockdown.

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Eye-Witnesses Share Recollection Of The Scary Incident

A student at the school opened up about the shocking incident, noting that he and his pals thought the "loud bangs" were part of a prank initially before a teacher at the school began screaming at students to "leave, leave, leave."

He said," 'I heard a couple of bangs, they weren't loud. We saw loads of people run out. We thought it was a prank or something. We didn't think it was real at first."

Per the Daily Mail, Erica Jolliff, a parent, stated that her daughter, a ninth grader, recalled getting rushed from the school grounds at 7.45 am. The scared parent was still looking for her son, a sixth grader, at 1 am.

She said, "I just want to know that he's safe and OK. They won't tell me nothing."

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Following the shooting incident, Senator Chuck Grassley released a statement saying: "Today's appalling violence at Perry HS is heartbreaking Barbara + I are grateful for [the] quick response by school officials &law enforcement to protect students [and] restore safety."

He added, "The Perry community is strong & will band [together] [through] hard times. I'm here [to] help if [additional] fed resources [are] needed."

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Federal Agents Are Assisting The Iowa Division Of Criminal Investigation

According to reports, federal law enforcement agencies are actively engaged in responding to the Perry, Iowa, high school shooting.

In a statement, the FBI revealed that "Agents from the FBI Omaha Des Moines resident agency are on the scene." The statement continued, "We are assisting the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, who is the lead investigative agency."

Additionally, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) posted on social media that the "ATF has responded to the Active Shooter at the Perry High School in Perry, Iowa,"

Furthermore, President Joe Biden is staying informed about the ongoing situation surrounding the high school shooting in Perry, Iowa, according to a White House official who communicated with CNN.

The official stated that senior White House staff members have established contact with the office of Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds to stay updated on the latest developments in the incident.

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