Donald Trump Claims Jeffrey Epstein Relationship Has Been 'Thoroughly Debunked' After 'List' Was Released

Donald Trump Claims Jeffrey Epstein Relationship Has Been 'Thoroughly Debunked' After 'List' Was Released

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By Favour Adegoke on January 4, 2024 at 9:30 AM EST
Updated on January 4, 2024 at 11:03 AM EST

Donald Trump has broken his silence on being named in the recently released Jeffrey Epstein list.

The former U.S. president revealed through a spokesperson that all claims about his relationship with the late sex offender were "thoroughly debunked."

Apart from Trump, the likes of Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew were also named in the infamous list.

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Donald Trump Says Jeffrey Epstein Links Were 'Thoroughly Debunked'

Sister Of Former President Donald Trump Found Dead In Apartment

In a statement made through his spokesman, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump reacted to being named in the infamous Epstein list, per News Week.

Trump and Epstein reportedly had a friendship, with the billionaire mogul traveling on the sex offender's jet several times before Epstein faced accusations of trafficking minors.

The testimony of one witness, Johanna Sjoberg, unsealed from the 2015 defamation case between victim Virginia Giuffre and Epstein's co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell, revealed that Epstein also once visited Trump's casino.

"Great, we'll call up Trump, and we'll go to—I don't recall the name of the casino, but—we'll go to the casino," Sjoberg said during a deposition about a conversation Epstein had while flying on his private jet from Palm Beach to Atlantic City.

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Due to the severity of Epstein's crimes, it is unsurprising that many speculated about the extent of Trump's relationship with him. But, according to Trump's spokesman, those claims, such as that of him involved in the sex offenders crimes, were "thoroughly debunked."

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Former President Bill Clinton Was Named In The List

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Trump is just one of the many high-profile names found on the list. Former President Clinton was also named and linked to activities deemed more controversial than what was discussed regarding Trump.

According to Sjoberg's testimony, Epstein once told her that Clinton likes "young" girls. Meanwhile, Giuffre's unpublished memoir, quoted in court papers, claimed that the former president was an attendee sans his wife at one of Epstein's parties on his island. At that party, he reportedly displayed his "apparent provocative cheeky side."

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"This wasn't a big party as such, only a few of us were eating at the diner table," Giuffre said, per the Daily Beast. "There was Jeffrey at the head of it all, as always. On the left side was Emmy, Ghislaine, and I, and sitting across the table from us was Bill with two lovely girls who were visiting from New York."

She added, "Teasing the girls on either side of him with playful pokes and brassy comments, there was no modesty between any of them."

Giuffre's claims about Clinton having a meal on Epstein's island have since been refuted by Maxwell in a deposition.

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Prince Andrew Being Named Was Expected In The Epstein List

Prince Andrew at Prince Philip's Memorial Service

While the inclusion of Clinton and Trump on the list might be surprising, the presence of Prince Andrew, on the other hand, was somewhat anticipated.

The disgraced royal was previously accused by Giuffre of "sexual assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress," and the case was later settled privately for a reported $14 million without an admission of liability. Despite the existence of pictures showing him with Giuffre during her teenage years, Prince Andrew has consistently maintained his innocence.

Additionally, Andrew faced accusations from Sjoberg of groping her during a photo with him, Maxwell, and Giuffre at Epstein's New York Mansion. Sjoberg said that before taking the picture, Maxwell had retrieved a puppet with Andrew's looks from a closet.

"They decided to take a picture with it, in which Virginia and Andrew sat on a couch," Sjoberg said as part of her testimony in Giuffre vs. Maxwell (2015).

"They put the puppet on Virginia's lap, and I sat on Andrew's lap, and they put the puppet's hand on Virginia's breast, and Andrew put his hand on my breast, and they took a photo."

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Some Other Names From The Epstein 'List' Remain Redacted

Pictured: Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein relax at Queens Balmoral log cabin in newly-released photo

Names, such as former Clinton aide Doug Band, billionaire Glenn Dubin, L Brands founder Lex Wener, and pop star Michael Jackson also appeared. However, not all the names were disclosed, as some belonging to child victims were kept sealed for privacy reasons.

It is expected that no criminal case will arise from the release of this list other than those involving Maxwell and Epstein.

Maxwell is currently serving 20 years of jail time since 2021 for a federal sex trafficking case. At the time, she was found guilty of five out of six charges brought against her, including enticement of minors, sex trafficking of children, and perjury.

Meanwhile, Epstein, the centerpiece, also faced similar federal charges in Florida and New York. However, while awaiting trial, he is believed to have committed suicide, ending the possibility of his conviction.

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