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Keith Lee Leads Successful NYE Event At Vegas Eatery Honoring Late Owner

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By Melanie VanDerveer on January 1, 2024 at 2:00 PM EST

The Keith Lee Effect is REAL!

After the popular TikToker asked his followers to help a local Vegas restaurant during a New Year's Eve event, they came through in droves!

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Keith Lee Honored Late Restaurant Owner With Successful Event On New Year's Eve!

Keith Lee
Keith Lee - TikTok

Lee, who never asks his followers to visit restaurants he's reviewed, had a favor to ask of his local Las Vegas followers recently. He took to TikTok to ask people in the Vegas area to visit a restaurant he reviewed in early 2023 to help honor the life of the owner who recently passed away from cancer. To help the family-owned business out, Lee announced that he would pay for the first 300 people who show up to Dynamite Korean, Sushi, Grill on Sunday, Dec. 31.

To say the event went well would be quite an understatement. A five-hour wait with a line wrapped around the building proved that the Keith Lee Effect is alive and well! Lee shared a video Sunday night to talk about the successful event and show just how many people showed up for the family-owned restaurant.

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"The turnout today at Dynamite Korean BBQ was more than I could ever imagine," Lee began his follow-up video. He then did a quick rundown of how we got to this exact place in time.

"I went to a family-owned restaurant at the beginning of this year. That family-owned restaurant was owned by a dad who got diagnosed with tongue cancer as soon as he got the restaurant he always dreamed of. Unfortunately, that dad passed away a few days ago," Lee said. "I asked the city of Las Vegas to show up for this family and this is how that went."

Lee then showed some clips of how the day went at the restaurant on Sunday. Scenes of love, support, and gratitude told the story of the successful day to honor the late owner.

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Keith Lee
Keith Lee - TikTok
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Lee walked around the line to meet and thank everyone who was there to help support the restaurant.

"A five-hour wait time. Line around the corner," Lee continued in his video. "So I went, I said hi to everybody. I thanked every single person for being there. We took pictures, we had fun, we smiled, we laughed. Everybody was patient, everybody was understanding. I couldn't say thank you enough."

The viral food reviewer also shared that he went into the restaurant to talk to the late owner's son and his mom. When the son's mom saw Lee, she immediately broke down in tears and gave Lee a big hug for all he's done for the family.

"She was shaking, she was crying. That's what I did it for. I ain't take no money. I ain't got no deal on the back end with them," he said. "I just want them to know that the community of Vegas is here with them and they are not alone. Now I'll gladly say, today was mission accomplished."

He concluded his video by saying, "Now, they got 300 more people who can come back as regular customers. I thank God in advance that the dad is looking down smiling knowing that his dream came true."

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Keith Lee's Followers Shared Their Thoughts On The Keith Lee Effect And Sunday's Event

Keith and Ronni Lee

The video Lee shared about the event has more than 1.2 million views and thousands of positive and supportive comments. Many mentioned the "Keith Lee Effect."

"This is the reason no one should question the Keith Lee effect," one viewer wrote. Another added, "The 'Keith Lee Effect'." Another viewer also said, "The Keith Lee effect always makes me cry, it's always the families who need it that get it."

Many also commented on the emotion they felt seeing the mom break down and embrace Lee with gratitude.

"The mom made me cry. The stuff Keith Lee is doing is astounding," one person wrote. "Who else lost it when the mom cried? Keith Lee made it more than a business, we are a community now."


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Dynamite Korean, Sushi, Grill Also Shared A Video Update

Dynamite Korean BBQ
Dynamite Korean, Sushi, Grill - TikTok

Sunday evening, Steve, the son of the restaurant's late owner, shared a video on TikTok thanking everyone for all they've done for the family.

"We did it guys! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Everybody who came out to support our family business and most importantly, to support my dad's dream legacy business and building a successful restaurant, operating on behalf of him," Steve said. "Today was a very emotional day on New Year's Eve. I didn't expect this many people to come. I know the Keith Lee Effect is real. My dad witnessed it when we first launched on February 14th of this year 2023."

Steve continued to emotionally share some of his father's journey - cancer, lots of doctor's appointments, chemotherapy, radiation. He also shared his gratitude for all the support and love the family has been getting throughout their journey, especially for Lee who has helped them in big ways.

"We love you, you're such an angel," Steve said about Lee. "I don't know how you do it for every single restaurant, mom and pop shop restaurants out there, you're literally answering everyone's prayers who were struggling mom and pop shop businesses who just need the right marketing exposure to launch and to be able to compete and you know sustain a healthy family business."

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He then thanked all the customers from around the world, from the people who showed up to enjoy a meal to the people far away who donated to the family, as well as all the kind DMs they've received.

"Thank you for being part of our family's journey," he said. "Thank you so much for recognizing us and just following my dad's journey."

Many of the restaurant's TikTok followers shared their support and kind words in the comment section.

"Keith Lee has brought us here, you and your family are the reason we stay," one person wrote. "God bless you and your family! Your pops is so proud of each of you! Keith Lee, you are amazing!" wrote another.

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